Parshat וארא  – (VaEira) – Torah Times – “Raining Fish” In Texas


The link to the above video takes you to a true story that took place in Texarkana, Texas last week. The story’s first line reads as follows, which is what the news reporter said on the video-

TEXARKANA, Texas -“You’ve probably heard it raining cats and dogs, but have you heard it raining fish and frogs?”

We all know where the answer can be found to that question-

Parshat וארא

Plague One – Blood caused the fish to die.

In Paragraph 7 Verses 16-17 in the Book of שמות, G-d says he is going to turn the water of the Nile onto blood. This will cause the fish to die.

Plague Two – Frogs

In Paragraph 7 Verse 27, G-d begins the process of warning Pharaoh that if he did not release the Jews, then G-d will send frogs as the second plague.

The Narrator Refers To This As “Animal Rain”


According To The Following Video – Animal Rain Has Never Really Been Seen Before

According to the information displayed, the above video was made nearly four years ago, or March, 2018. It is very interesting that the presenter is trying to explain Animal Rain – a concept that even he is having a difficult time explaining. And toward the end of the video, he appears to support this view.

It would be very interesting to see a new updated video commenting on the Animal Rain which fell in Texas referred to above.

What About The Five Other Plagues Mentioned In The Parsha

They Are-


Wild Beasts




Are We About To Witness Any Of The Five Other Plagues Mentioned Above?

After having seen the “Fish From The Texas Sky”, nothing appears impossible.

Please look at the following list of strange weather related events for 2021 and you may recognize a few that represent the Seven Plagues discussed in Parshat וארא.

This past year has truly been a challenging one for us all.

But there must be a hidden message that Hashem is trying to communicate.

Hopefully, the answer will be revealed in the very near future.

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