Parshat Eikev – עקב

The Eye of Providence

תָּמִיד עֵינֵי ה’ אֱלֹהֶיךָ בָּהּ
מֵרֵשִׁית הַשָּׁנָה וְעַד אַחֲרִית שָׁנָה

“The Eyes of HaShem your G-d are continually upon it
(the Land of Israel) from the beginning of the year
until the end of the year” (Deut 11: 12)
The Eyes refers to the special Divine Providence upon
the Land always protecting it and enabling us
to experience this in our daily lives.
acrylics on canvas with marble 33″ x 33″ (84 x 84 cm)

The Hebrew word above: מֵרֵשִׁית (from the beginning of the year) is missing the letter א in the middle and not the way first word of the Torah: בראשית (in the beginning) is written:


emphasizing the Hebrew word: ראש, Rosh, the Head and of course Rosh HaShana.

The word מֵרֵשִׁית suggests the Hebrew word רש (extremely poor!) and the Midrash teaches us that just before Rosh HaShana we are poor and deficient until we hear the blast of the Shofar and then the letter א jumps out to change the רש to ראש, giving us a new Rosh or Head for the coming year.

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Dov Lederberg is engaged in the converging vectors of art and science, but receives added inspiration from Kabbalah teachings & meditation and tries to create visual forms (in paintings on canvas but also video art) conducive to mystical experience and self-transformation. 
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