Parshat Ki Teizei – כי תצא


Going out to battle
שעת צלותא שעת קרבא
The Zohar teaches us that the time of prayer
is the time for battle. (Deut 21: 10)
True prayer is a war against our habits and inertia,
being overly satisfied with our past achievements
and a reluctance to exert oneself further.
To win the battle we have to focus our mind
and body to overcome the obstacles.
acrylics on canvas
33″ x 33″ (84 x 84 cm)


Remembering Amalek
זכור את אשר עשה לך עמלק
Amalek is our implacable enemy
who appears in every generation
to try to destroy us. (Deut 25: 17-19)
The above painting represents
the surprised face of a terrorist
who has just blown himself up
(and others as well)
and instead of entering
a “paradise” with 72 virgins
finds himself burning in hell.
Perhaps my most macabre work
and one of my rare political statements
catalyzed by the impossible and grim state
of affairs in Israel and the world today
and the possibility of a new Holocaust.
mixed materials on canvas
triptych 26″ x 62″ (66 x 158 cm)
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About the Author
Dov Lederberg is engaged in the converging vectors of art and science, but receives added inspiration from Kabbalah teachings & meditation and tries to create visual forms (in paintings on canvas but also video art) conducive to mystical experience and self-transformation. 
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