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Parshat VaYikra – ויקרא


The Small Alef

The first word of Leviticus:
וַיִּקְרָא אֶל מֹשֶׁה
(God) called to Moses
is written in the Torah
with a small ALEF א to designate
Moses’ ultimate humility,
which allowed him to enter
the Holy of Holies.

The ALEF is the other-worldly letter
whose unique form is a diagonal
which implies transcendence
combining and beyond
the vertical line of hierarchy
and the horizontal of total equality.

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The ALEF is formed by two YUDs ,
one to the upper right
and the other to the lower left,
joined by a diagonal VAV.
YUD (10) + YUD (10) + VAV (6) = 26
The gematria for the name of God.
The YUDs represent
the higher and lower waters
and the VAV is the firmament
רקיע between them
as described in
Second Day of Creation.
The transcendent VAV
has the ability to connect
and bear opposites or paradox
נושא הפכים
of the the two YUDs
representing heaven and earth.
fire and water,
the drive to exalt God and
yet feel one’s lowliness.

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