Beverley Price

Part 2: God make me deserve, and other peoples too.

The war is over.

bds-People, please go build Gaza. Take shovels and expect callouses.

Israel and the Jews are a target for disbelief and admiration, envy and hatred.

Not eliminated, they continue to exist.

Confusion by Israel’s adversaries spawns charters whose intentions of killing all Jews dead, are lost when translating to English.

They thrive despite. They perpetuate the precept of desiring and deserving Life. They believe they deserve.

Jews at the New Year recently made the annual request to God for the renewal of another year of Life. Not money, not rain, just Life.

Can deservedness be learned ? With the 2014 Nobel Peace prize awarded to a 17 year-old Pakistani educator of girls and women, I am hopeful.

Living in Israel for 9 years I tasted deservedness. Israeli passion and unashamed drive for generativity, whether by Talmud, Art, Science or Technology, is a fact. Not narcissistic but a collective urgency to flourish and then export the lot.

An endogenous trait, their deservedness overrides numbers, linear logic, enemies, world opinion, anti-Semitism, Jew-haters, American/Obama fickleness, UN bigotry, hamas-Qatari rockets, hamas-Qatari tunnels, chaotic Middle Eastern Arabic politics, South African un-informed kind-heartedness and hooliganism.

A quiet taboo or loud announcement, the Israelis and the Jews are not victims, can’t be taunted, cajoled, bullied or tempted into victimisation.

What is the origin ? Good parenting ? Jewish Mother ? Who taught her ?

Was it from God who dextrously removed them from Egypt’s dire straits, plus a 40 year desert-education re the ins-and-outs of how never to submit to any human higher power?


Selected for stubbornness, that trait re-morphed by God and Moses, the deservedness-consciousness persists.

Could it be offered as course-work ? “Deservedness – 101”

Some Israelis and Jews are averse to the idea of choseness ?
” Who said we could be so great ? ”

Dear Gazan people,

Would hamas allow this ?
Could bds people teach it ?
Would the Qataris fund it, given their selective investments in civic Britain? Harrods of London , the family business.
Will Qatar grace Gaza with a Harrods of Gaza ?
Or just greed and eternal war?

The lists of academic-bds-people, including Jews and Israelis suggest a fine resource. Sociologists, child psychologists, engineers, builders, farmers, strategists, town planners, artists.

Could intelligent bds people re-channel their energies and vectors of resentment against Israel, and contrarily, break the Gazan delusion that Israel wields the infidel yoke? Might Jewish-bds, teach Gazans to live well, and allow others to live well too?

Good lives for Gazan people are surely not contingent upon the cessation of another people’s existence. Israel, Israelis and the Jews use little planetary space. They do obsess many minds, however.

The enemy is the greatest teacher, as the Buddhists say – is the precious guru : Israel exists, despite conditions.

Could bds people facilitate a cult of Life over homicidal suicide and martyrdom for Gazan victims ? Gazans could deserve, despite and alongside difficulties.

The war is over. bds People, go build Gaza. Take shovels and expect callouses.

About the Author
Beverley Price grew up in apartheid SA, lived in Baka, Jerusalem studied in London, is a jewellery artist interested in the pre-colonial South African goldsmiths at Mapungubwe (900-1300 ACE). She lived for three years in rural KwaZulu-Natal (Ixopo ) after her return to SA in 1995 where she had her studio and learned to speak Zulu and more about the Zulu culture. As with many South African Jews, her mother is Polish and her late father was Lithuanian. She loves her sister-in-law, brothers, nephews, nieces and their children. She studied at Pardes in Jerusalem from 1983-1985.
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