Part 3: Vic-Tomatoes, God make me deserve .

“Who said you could be so happy ? “

Is it possible to teach deservedness by being the example that leads?

Could it be that the disenfranchised victim-martyrs who are so confused and proud, hateful and envious, so lacking in hope and abused – by the greed of cajoling leaders, that they cannot make the turn-around, are obliged instead to give up on life totally and kill themselves? A perverse loyalty to death and their leaders.

On the other hand, is it possible that people can be taught and learn to stop believing that their contented lives are impossible without The Terminal Precursor: decimate the arch-adversary ?

Is there not enough life to go round?

What is the mind of the entrenched doctrine to destroy first what has so carefully been created? Israel.

A nation, a functional country, a people who invents cures and universal IT solutions that permeate our computers, enhance ( even Arab Spring ) cellphone efficiency, and heart-shunts and stents for better flow of life-blood?

Why not make their own stuff – instead of voraciously seeking to destroy Israel which pre-exists them ? The Gazans have a well endowed oil-rich diaspora of financial backers, compared with the wealth of the Israeli-Jewish Diaspora, certainly 68 years ago at the time of the establishment of the State of Israel.

We see from the contradictions such as Harrods of London versus The Tunnels of Gaza, that civic building and development are not the Qatari plan for Gaza. Rather, to maintain their expedience for anti-Jew marketing purposes – Gaza’s pawn position as terminal victim-martyr.

Organised anti-Jews, like bds, perpetuate the myth. Is the happiness and progress of these people who are disenfranchised by their mandatory self-sabotaging beliefs, contingent upon the appearance/ disappearance of a tomato on a Woolies* shelf ?

*Woolworths-South Africa, Woolies is its name of endearment.

Is a tomato bigger than a human being? Even the tomato knows better.

Now that the war is over, bds-niks, especially the Jewish ones ( whom I assume are well-versed in Israeli historical pioneering acumen ), given the fervor, alacrity, dedication and shame with which they oppose Israel and Israeli manufacture, could know better, and take up their shovels and begin teaching the Gazan people how to grow their own beautiful tomatoes. Then offer those to Woolies too.

gazan vic-tomatoes

This would surely occupy a lot of time, and dissipate energy spent on altercations, confrontations, porcine decapitations and hooligansim up to now. Build instead an independent and self-sufficient Gazan vegetable farming system. One day they too could achieve the efficiency and expertise of Israel which astonishingly generates a surplus of food, and can export to other countries, satisfying the discerning tastes of stores like Woolies South Africa.

Does Harrods of London also sell Israeli tomatoes in their glorious food halls?

Is it possible to re-educate the Gazans, adults and children, to be free of the instilled mental obsession to annihilate Israel, a construed adversary of mosquito proportion in the local geography?

Surely. Qatar and bds are great resources of money, minds and manual labour.

No shame in handwork and toil. Hands on / in / down-interventions by the long lists of bds people. Help the Gazans make good lives for themselves.

Free them and release them from the bondage of their perpetual victim-martyr mind-set.

Magiyah lekoolanu le’shagsheg, lamrot vedavkah.

We all deserve to thrive as Israel does, and as its tomatoes do, despite and against all odds.

About the Author
Beverley Price grew up in apartheid SA, lived in Baka, Jerusalem studied in London, is a jewellery artist interested in the pre-colonial South African goldsmiths at Mapungubwe (900-1300 ACE). She lived for three years in rural KwaZulu-Natal (Ixopo ) after her return to SA in 1995 where she had her studio and learned to speak Zulu and more about the Zulu culture. As with many South African Jews, her mother is Polish and her late father was Lithuanian. She loves her sister-in-law, brothers, nephews, nieces and their children. She studied at Pardes in Jerusalem from 1983-1985.
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