Pay-for-slay – no way

Enlightenment rule of law in Ramallah

with a bit less of inshallah

or for that matter Kabbalah

or fine servants of Abdallah.


For some this might sound strange

but it will enable far more range

for an active agent of change

so that Kushner can rearrange

more business exchange

in the region of Gulf range

in the areas of gas range

off Lebanon’s coast range

and Tel Aviv’s stock exchange

who would then need rocket range?


Then start drinking coffee

in a grange


talking sage


and less estrange.



the pay-for-slay

Israelis say

no way.


Statehood and autonomy

should strive for



and not

“…from the River to the Sea..”

slogans that make us see


extremist pray

terrorists prey

on the young or grey.


Where do we go

from here?

Coffee and open ear

less fear

and next year

in Jerusalem with beer

step up the gear

and less “oh dear”

but more sincere

the spirit of the pioneer.



Pyramid: Enlightenment style rule of law


The poem can be read in this PDF (click here).

About the Author
From London, Britain, Benjamin Kurzweil is sharing his interest in storytelling and comic pun style poems - with a Jewish twist.
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