Josef Olmert

Peter Beinart and Gaza-Facts and No Myths; Part II

According to Beinart , this is the current state of fact vs. myth with regard to Gaza;
Myth; Gaza is free
Fact; It has been under Israeli occupation under 1967 to this very day.

Well, the years from 1948 to 1967 which are not part of Beinart’s narrative[do not confuse me with facts and history, unless they serve my goals] were covered in part I, as well as the years 1994-2005[again, nothing in Beinart’s piece], and so we come to the last 9 years since P.M Sharon executed the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza,lock, stock and barrel.

On a personal note , I thought then , and still think now, that it was the right thing to do, when put all pros and cons on the balance, mainly for reasons connected with the demographic issues , but I was concerned then , and even much more now, that
aside from the security problems, which are so manifest now, there was also the possible precedent established by a Jewish government, that a territory in the Land of Israel[and Gaza is!] could become forbidden for Jews to live in. This can be defined as Apartheid policy, apartheid against Jews.’’ Liberal Zionists’’ do not care about SUCH Apartheid, they care ONLY about alleged Apartheid against Arabs, but then I am not a ‘’Liberal Zionist’’, just ordinary Liberal[at least on some issues…].

Beinart, totally oblivious to the human tragedy inflicted on Jews is telling us now , that we were all wrong, because what we saw happening in 2005 did NOT really happen, and Gaza has still been under Israeli occupation all these years until now.
Really Peter? Are you kidding us or what? So, if in the last 7-8 years, 12,000 rockets
were fired from Gaza to Israel, a well-established and documented fact, who did it?
Let us observe some possible explanations, assuming that Beinart IS right [is he ever wrong?…], and Gaza is still under Israeli occupation.
Explanation 1;
2005 did not exist, out of the calendar, just a bad dream, a nightmare…
Israel is still in Gaza. People are welcome to visit Gush Katif!
Explanation 2;
Aliens invaded Gaza and are bombing Israel under the nose of the Israelis who are
still in occupation there.
Explanation 3;
The ultimate Zionist conspiracy. Maybe 2005 really existed, but the Israelis enacted a revolving door policy. Some left, but secretly tens of thousands were smuggled into Gaza so that they would build tunnels, purchase and smuggle rockets, be the allies of Iran[well-known ally of the Zinoists…] and Hizballah and then start attacking Israel .
Well, Zionists[though not the purists like Beinart and company] are capable of every evil under the sun, so why not that?
Explanation 4;
Beinart has no clue, another chance for him to position himself at the head of ‘’blame Israel at all cost movement’’, no matter what the facts are.
Somehow I subscribe to the last explanation[what a surprise…]

If Israel is in occupation of Gaza, how come that we witness what is happening now and what has happened in the last 7-8 years?
This is a simple question to ask and Beinart suggests to us , that the Israelis imposed many restrictions on the Palestinians after 2005, so it is like another occupation, as it was after 1967, when for years , and for reasons explained in my previous piece , there really was an occupation.
No difference between 1967 to 1994 and 2005 to 2014? Is that REALLY the argument of a serious commentator, let alone the guru of the ‘’Liberal Zionists’’?

Beinart is going to the extent of quoting ONE Hamas message from their election campaign against Fath in 2006, in which they said that they wanted an ‘’independent state whose capital is Jerusalem’’. Even that statement meant an ‘’independent state’’ all over Palestine, but beyond that particular message, there were hundreds of messages in Arabic[a language which I am sure Beinart is in command of…] which were genocidal against ALL Jews and total in their rejection
Of any Jewish connection to Palestine[the land Jews call Eretz Israel…].

Beinart is a decent person, I am sure of that, and so he does write that ‘’contrary to the American Jewish narrative, militants [not terrorists, not Hamas] in Gaza did not start launching rockets at Israel after the settlers left… The Gaza disengagement did not stop this rocket fire. But it did not cause it either.’’ True, but then Peter, IF this is the case, maybe another bit of intellectual honesty from you, and possibly an admission that settlements WERE NOT the cause of Hamas hatred , just the fact that
Hamas is what Hamas says of itself, not what Beinart says about them, and this is that they ARE a jihadist organization bent on the destruction of Israel, a fact that renders their legitimate election victory years ago irrelevant, as NO organization has the right to destroy another country, Israel included…

The debate with Beinart is important , because Beinart connects it all to his ‘’Crisis
of Zionism’’ approach. It is a debate beyond Gaza and it needs to be conducted.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina