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Pizza2Give: Small acts, great returns

He runs Pizza2Give because lone IDF soldiers deserve admiration — and some cheesy slices of love
Lone soldiers enjoy slices of pizza in Beit Shemesh
Lone soldiers enjoy slices of pizza in Beit Shemesh. (Mordechai Beasley)

I have found that it’s the small every day deeds of ordinary folks that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love. – Gandalf

Lone soldiers are incredible. They are such a blessing to Israel and an incredible inspiration to us all. Lone soldiers leave behind their parents, family, and friends. Instead of starting college and careers, they come to Israel to serve in the IDF. They are not obligated to serve. They could have chosen many different paths – going to college, travelling around the world, starting a job, or even settling down. 5700 lone soldiers decided on a different path. Israel is so important to them that they are willing to serve in the Israeli army and fight for its internal existence.

Last Friday, we went to visit the lone soldier home in Bet Shemesh. Twelve soldiers call this humble building their home. Two friends and contributors to pizza2give came along to say thank you to these special people. We came with a box of my mother’s chocolate chip cookies, and of course, pies of pizza for the soldiers.

We were so happy to see how well the house was maintained, and how well the community in Bet Shemesh takes care of these soldiers. They have a supervisor who helps them with any challenges that they have in the army, and on Friday night they are all invited by families in the community for a Shabbat meal.

The lone soldiers were extremely excited to receive the pizzas. After a long and tiring week in the army, they were starving. One of the soldiers that we met was Gabi. Gabi just arrived at the lone soldier home after 28 straight days on base. He was telling us about “shavua milchama” (a week where you reenact a real war), and all the difficulties and all the obstacles he had to overcome. After hearing his story, we told him that next time he should call us and we will make sure a hot pizza is sent straight to him.

The soldiers were very happy we came. They love when people show their support, and they do love pizza. They really reminded us that we don’t need to climb Everest, or donate a million dollars to make a difference. A small act of kindness and love also puts a real smile on soldiers’ faces — and we are going to be sending as many pizzas as possible!

Mordechai Beasley
Owner of Pizza2give.

About the Author
Mordechai Beasley is an officer in Israel's Gaza Brigade. He has served in Southern Command as well as bases in Judea and on the northern border. Studying for his business degree in Ariel University, Mordechai saw during the last conflict how many businesses located on the border had to close. Looking to strengthen the economies of the border regions and improving the morale of his soldiers, Mordechai founded "Pizza 2 Give" together with "Connections 2 Israel."