Planning to move to Israel from North America?

Moving from North America to Israel can be a big culture shock, especially if you are not prepared. Regardless of whether you are coming from Canada, America, or Mexico the difference in culture and lifestyle can take some time getting used to. My friends thought that they knew what to expect before they landed in Israel to start a new life, but they were wrong. There were several things they wish they had known before moving to Israel, and this article will cover a few of those things.

Owning A Car Is Not A Necessity
Today, buses and trains can take you to most places in Israel. Tel Aviv and Haifa have excellent public transportation systems in place too. In Israel, a car can be more of a nice convenience and not a true necessity. Of course, that is the complete opposite in most parts of North America. You require a car to get around to anywhere, with traffic and road congestion very common. Many places are just a short drive or bus ride away in Israel. However, the use of cars has been growing in Israel, and commuting times have been increasing in recent years.

Sunday Is A Regular Work Day
My friends knew that Sunday was a regular work-day in Israel, but they had no idea it would take so long to get used to. I suppose it is because during all of our life in North America, from elementary school to working as a grownup we have viewed the weekend as time off for ourselves. However, in Israel, Sunday marks the start of the work week.

The Strong Sense Of Community
In the U.S., there’s a great sense of pride that comes from being independent and self-reliant, and self-sufficient. But in Israel, greater emphasis is on being part of the community and your family, and extended family. There is always someone nearby to lend a helping hand and your friends would gladly drop what they are doing to help you solve a problem. Unfortunately, this mentality is very different from North America.

Most of Your Electronic Devices and Appliances Won’t Work
One thing that many people overlook entirely is the fact that many of your US electronics and small appliances won’t operate in Israel. In most cases, you will need to replace them or purchase a converter. This can be quite the hassle because today we are utterly dependent on our technology in North America, and going just one day without them can be a huge struggle.

Everything is More Expensive
Israel is considered to be an expensive country, especially when it comes to the housing market. Of course, if you live in the downtown core of any major North American city, then you are used to facing these challenges. Therefore, it is essential that you research thoroughly before you make your trip. This will ensure you have packed everything you require for your long distance movers on the day of your big trip. If you pack more of the items you require, then you will not need to purchase them when you arrive in Israel.

In conclusion, adapting to the Israeli culture and lifestyle can take a few days or weeks, even if you are fully prepared for it. However, with a little bit of preparation beforehand, you are certain to transition to this new way of life.

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