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Plant a seed and grow a whole new world

Leslie Gold (courtesy)

A friend of mine who made a difference in the world passed over on Thursday. Leslie Goldman of California planted himself in the next world. 

Leslie Goldman, the enchanted Gardner (born November 19, 1947, 4:03 am, Lincoln hospital, LA-passed away June 18, 2020, 4:03 Am in San Diego Cal.

Leslie was a special Jew. Not blessed with a strong religious education but coming from a heritage of strong Judaism, Leslie was the full revealing of the California New Age loving spiritual Jew who turned his gift of working with plants into a lifetime of education of seeds, herbs, and plants.

Here are his words:

How much more beautiful would the world be if all the heirloom seeds sitting on shelves in packages became the plants they could be? How much more Soul would there be in the world if we would allow our deepest, inner seed dreams to come out of their packages and grow the plants they could be? How much passion and life would we feel? How much more peaceful and healthy would the world be? Mother Earth says “Plant your dream!” because your Soul is intended to be a fully expressing heirloom seed in her cornucopia of earthly abundance.

She wants you fully growing in the world now.

Our connection was over 40 years as he was a new age icon in San Diego. I don’t know about his child, I met him only as an adult. He was blessed with a home on a canyon in San Diego. A canyon in San Diego, as opposed to a Canyon in Israel (a shopping center), is a wadi that people can’t build on because of the slopes and drainage of the canyon behind the streets and homes.

San Diego is a dry environment like Israel, but like Israel, it has winter rains and the canyons are full of wildlife right in the center of the city. I like many others would take walks with or without our dogs and felt we were in the middle of the wilderness, as there were no buildings or people. 

Leslie Goldman was blessed with one of the homes on top of the canyon and his house provided about 5 acres in the middle of the city that only he had access to and he planted and planted groves of herbs and plants and he became the plant man.

Blessed (or cursed) with some form of Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood. Signs and symptoms vary among people and over time. Often, symptoms include poor coordination, stiff muscles, weak muscles, and tremors. There may be problems with sensation, vision, hearing, swallowing, and speaking, Leslie never let it get in his way and died not from this but from cancer at 72. 

He traveled all over California in his beat-up VW van promoting plants as a one-man Johnny Appleseed. Always looking for compassion in his loneliness he would have many gatherings on his property making people having spiritual connections..

Here is one of his poems as a goodbye.

Poems from Leslie Goldman 

The Moment of Awakening

In the midst of my dark hour,

I awaken to realize there is nothing wrong with me.

I don’t need to be changed from anything.

I don’t need to recover from anything.

I need to discover something.

I need to discover

I am the from this beloved universe

created for this moment, to evolve itself.

The earth is in labor.

I, every woman, every man,

every child are the earth’s labor pains.

The earth is in labor.

Just as the earth went into labor

to make every rock,

every plant,

and every other living thing.


I feel pain through

the length of time it has taken

to birth my Self in this world.

I know now that perfect fulfillment

takes no time at all; I am fulfilled outside time.

I accomplish much

without realizing it, through my courage

to simply be me, here and now.


All that is sacred in the world

uses me to proclaim its purpose,

even when I see my life as broken and wrong,

and myself as weak.

All that is sacred in the world

uses me to proclaim its purpose,

even when I feel angry

and sad

and I found myself in need of crying

in someone’s arms

but can’t bring myself to do that, or find anyone.

I am throwing off the burden

of other people’s ideas.

I’m o.k. to be touched

and held like a baby when I feel this way.

I’m expressing courage in feeling needy.

It’s o.k. to feel needy to the depth of my neediness.

Through you and I exploring being whole beings

on earth, we are reweaving our souls into the earth

and she likes it.


I awaken.

I see the dark corners of me are where I grow from.

I make them pure fertile soil.

I release my judgement

that darkness is any less perfect

than light.

Getting stuck in the light

hurts the earth as much

as getting stuck in the dark.

Getting stuck anywhere is the closest

I will ever come to dying.

I am a rose

blossoming for the whole world.

I am eternally alive.

I am self-sufficient in Mother Nature’s eyes.

Every day froth is Earth Day.

My Soul proclaims:

I am born to move.

I am born to dance.

I am born to scream out, and scream out joy.

I am born to feel my fire and passion to live.

I am born to be the cosmic fire in new form.

I am born to liberate new creation.

I am born to liberate new creation through

breathing out and in.


I awaken.

I feel friends.

Because you reach out,

I am moved. I see clearly again.

I reach out to create new.

I come into this world

a perfect child.

I am unique.

I am born to express uniqueness

that has never been here before.

I don’t need to be healed.

My very presence, the way I am now,

makes me a midwife for a world

that is whole, pure and natural

because I am whole, pure, and natural.

This is my earth.

This is my place.

My world doesn’t need to be healed.

It is being renewed through me being me

and you being uniquely you,

and you and me being you and me together.

I know this very moment,

I am being heard, received, and met.

One of his books 

Words Men Need to Know and Women Want to Hear by Leslie Goldman

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