Plea #3: Dear Pope Francis, please guide Jews and Muslims back to peace!

ONE MILLION emails! Christians, Muslims, and Jews now have the opportunity to exercise their Democratic Rights to use their understanding of religions or no religion, belief or disbelief in the Creation Evolutionary Process by emailing this Plea to the Pope in the Vatican for his generous attention and action…

Dear Pope,

As the head of the most united hierarchy in all the world’s religions, Christianity can NOW take the lead to establish a new order of engagement between the world’s Christians, Muslims, and Jews, by setting the Vatican as a center-stage for a global interdisciplinary conference to discuss and apply our most spiritual and newly treasured scientific find — a BINARY UNIVERSE.

From Chaos to Order and back again: A binary, dualistic universe. A Universe consisting entirely of 0’s and 1’s.

By sharing this one simple I-dea, you can galvanize the new understanding about how universal chaos quantum-ly falls into order (when dissected.) You, Most Respected Pope, have the position, the clout, and the Christian Spirit to speak to the various peoples about the daily dualistic experience of existence — how Chaos underlies Order in the Creation Process, and how Positive and Negative are inseparable from the one and only Creation, Evolution, and consciousness of “God.”

You, Dear Pope, can show them how it works.

The conference should be aired around the globe for a very eager audience, and you might allow democratic voting power on the Internet in response, so the world will finally have clearer, and more conscious Democratic consensus about this most important topic.

Let us call upon your graciousness as the newly elected Pope to set the stage for an International Meeting of the Minds conference, to discuss the Human Race which is currently racing for the enigmatic Truth of Time, Timing, Thought, Change, Duality, Consciousness, and Life.

Facing the horror of WMD, the world is desperately in need of your help…more than under any previous historic circumstance.

The Vatican venue seems most appropriate to be a kind of a contemporary “Agora” for the top echelons in the world’s many religious establishments, to finally discuss what is not yet fully understood, namely: How Creation and Evolution relate to each other in the “Kingdom of God” – Jehovah and Allah.

Divided religions erroneously try to consolidate the inconsolable rules of religion, morality, and ethics. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Religions of the world can now face the Truth they were searching for since Primordial Monotheism took hold of human consciousness some 5774 years back.

Today, we have reached a point where Science and Religion must come to a unanimous understanding of what God *I.S. (*Information System) — or isn’t — backed by the recent discovery of the “God particle” as a neurological fuse in the very scientist’s grey matter themselves. It’s certainly there in the minds of the scientists at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, where they found the highly contested Unified Field Theory, fusing empirical science and philosophy, complimenting one another without the slightest deviation from what *I.S. aka The Truth, the Binary Universe.

As Dr. Albert Einstein lamented: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

I say, Religion without science is blind, and science without understanding religions historic roles is frivolous.

Now the pedestal of understanding the *I.S. (ZERO and ONE in tandem forever) can carry the burden of proof and support of ALL religions…and, indeed, all belief systems.

There is no disagreement! There is only 0’s and 1’s! Something we all share: Jews and Muslims, Protestants and, yes, Catholics.

Venerable Pope, as the leader of one-and-a-half billion followers, only you can assert your authoritative position to make a head start by revealing the Truth of Matter and Energy, in terms of what all *I.S.: *Information System – i.e. the final Theory Of Everything.

There is no one to blame for what infinite possibilities can confer on the human mind, thoughts, and actions.

We are all subjects to certain bubbles of consciousness.

Global peace by design is the order of the day, and calls for a modest millennium celebration, implementing a new order of human comfort, beauty, and joy. i.e. the glorious New Paradigm that awaits.

In fact, religiously one can say: The closer you get to God, the sooner you realize yourself as One. Was this not Jesus’s teaching?

Let us begin the New Paradigm by convening the highest mind power in establishing the Truth… for the whole world to hear, understand, and live by faithful acceptance of what *I.S.

Until then, dear Pope, may you have a fruitful and happy New 5774 and help usher the world toward its inevitable expanded consciousness.

And remember: One’s truth is no one else’s truth.

Please send copies of this blog to the Vatican, attention:

His Holiness, Pope Francis, Apostolic Palace, 00120 Vatican City, or email him courtesy of the Vatican Press Office:

About the Author
Edmond Cohen was born in Baghdad in 1935 and lived 14 years in Iraq, 14 years in Israel, and 7 years in Canada, before moving to Venice, California. In the process, he has adopted a universal philosophy and understanding of the Creation processes, via understanding Time and Mind.