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Nominated for the Joke Smit Award, Dutch emancipation prize

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science nominated me for the Joke Smit Award, the most important prize there is in terms of emancipation. The award symbolizes support for people who work on improving the position of women in the Netherlands and abroad, if possible. Joke Smit was one of the leading feminists in Dutch history. Everyone can vote between 1th and 27th November. Three finalists will be announced on 4th November and the winner will be announced on 11th December. Dearest people, PLEASE vote.

There are approximately 176 million women with endometriosis worldwide. This means that least 1 out of 10 women have had the proper diagnosis. Yet, there are more women out there without a diagnosis. This chronic illness can result in serious symptoms and outcomes, such as infertility. It affects every aspect of life. More information, awareness and proper solutions are needed. This is why I teamed up with endowoman Gerlise Teseling, Ellemieke Huijts, gynaecologist Maddy Smeets and more people, to hand over a petition to the Dutch government and lobby voluntarily. Also, I provided information and told my story, even within closed-up communities, to make sure biological childlessness and the lack of quality of life could possibly be prevented upfront. Dearest people, PLEASE vote.


We live in crucial times in order to reach the next level of consciousness. What was once possible is nowadays unthinkable. Take the documentary One of us (make sure to watch), or all these #metoo stories: transparency, cleansing and transformation. Shame on those keeping silent or calling this movement hysterical, also male victims with stories that would evolve entire communities. Your silence or cowardliness keeps mechanisms in place, allowing bad things to reoccur, one broken generation after the other. #Metoo gives women a voice and rightly so. Yet, it also provides an opportunity for men to speak up, also the ones who felt chained to their communities before. Look at what is happening. Time to wake up. Dearest people, PLEASE vote.

Closed-up communities may cling to the part of closed-up, but the times we live in will make sure that only the part of communities will hold and will be made inclusive. Outside of those communities, humans should not close their eyes to what is happening around them, for instance under the pretense that they have to focus on individual growth, that (negative) matters in society are just too much to handle, or that society has had too many issues that could never be influenced by the individual, so why bother? The enlightened people were never the ones looking away from mechanisms that did not serve anymore. They were not perfect in order to act. They cared and just did. Dearest people, PLEASE vote.


We live in an era in which the phenomenon transparency, in other words light, does remarkable things for our world. This phenomenon embodies the force of human responsibility, healing and redemption. Cases of inter-relational crime of all sorts come to the surface and get judged. These cases do not stay hidden and make the headlines, to prevent recurrence. This even happens in current Israel or in other places that contain ecosystems with mechanisms of power, shame, lies, manipulation, blackmail, taboos and doctrines, which are far from enlightened at all. Dearest people, PLEASE vote.

Though, the process of transparency could be stimulated. We still have a way to go, especially within closed-up communities. Thus, the mechanisms that do not serve anymore can be dismantled. Transparency may seem common sense in open and civil societies. This even causes impatience, mockery or nonchalance, which however, is an arrogant and dangerous attitude, because in many ecosystems, other rules still apply. Meanwhile, all communities complement society as an entity. There’s a growing accountability to guard the existence of all humans and an acceptance on a collective and sustainable level, to include us all. Again, please watch the documentary One of us. Dearest people, PLEASE vote.


Let me ask you this: do you know what is happening to our women in the Netherlands, or abroad? Do you know what is happening to our people in general? Part one of my book series Shadow behind and face towards the sun, called Exodus from the lighthouse, will come out soon, first in Dutch and later on, at least in English. I will fully stand in the world, speak my truth and serve. Apart from being my own voice, I will be the one for those who cannot speak. Why? Because I can and I will, end of story. Those being raped, physically and mentally violated in all sorts, persecuted, separated from their children and loved ones, blackmailed, given hormones by ‘psychologists’ from the web as a treatment for homosexuality or other matters, emancipated thoughts and behaviors, or wanting to break free from their communities entirely, those being castrated because of their homosexuality, genitally mutilated, stoned, or murdered otherwise with no consequences, law enforcements or punishments, because of the way the web camouflaged everything for civil society. Let me ask you this: do you really think this does not happen in your country? Dearest people, PLEASE vote.


Dearest people, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote and spread the word, so everyone you know, will vote. There should be no misconception: I have a wonderful life. However, I refuse to not help make other people’s lives beautiful too and not doing anything with my own history, even though from a spiritual point-of-perspective, I am much more than my stories. Suffering without catharsis and purpose is stupidity in my book, so I will push, push, push and do whatever I can to improve. If I would have funding and more recognition, I would be able to do more. I have to do something, so dearest people, PLEASE vote and read the upcoming series Shadow behind and face towards the sun. Thank you.


One of us

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