‘In a show of military might, Israel drills long-range air force attack.’ ¬† ¬†Times of Israel: Oct 10, 2013

Given that the testosterone levels in the Middle East have long exceeded those found in less volatile regions of the planet, this latest example of sabre-rattling might not be in the best interests of everyone involved. And, in the global village these days, that amounts to every single one of us.

Such a display of military prowess may have some unquantifiable deterrent value but, in the longer term, this can only serve to store up further trouble and resentment in the days that lie ahead. It’s short-term expediency at the cost of overall strategy.

Right now, Israel risks becoming too isolated from the rest of the world in embarking upon actions deemed independent of any mainstream consensus. By not identifying itself with a policy and framework consistent with that of humanity in general, further erosion of the Israeli position seems inevitable.

But does humanity have such a policy in place? If so, what might that be and, if not, then why not?

To be fair to Israel, no fixed policy seems to exist at present and, as is often the case, this absence makes it extremely difficult to forge a future along lines intended for the betterment of us all.

If the present situation is to be significantly improved in relation to its generally poor past performance, some coordinated and concerted measures must be undertaken in pursuit of such an outcome.


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The alternative is to make do with virtually no clear policy whatsoever.

And that has to be bad news for all those wanting a much cleaner and far more easily navigated path to follow.


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