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Popular destinations to visit in Israel

Camels can be found in Israel, probably not in Tel Aviv.

Israel is situated on the edge of Western Asia and touches the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Though a small country, it is geographically diverse with amazing landscape, culture, history, and wildlife to explore. Israel presents a lot of tourism opportunities with popular destinations to visit. This ancient part of the world has seen the birth of civilizations and ancient cities that are important to many religions and cultures all around the world. Visiting this country is a must for every tourist – especially your cousins. So plan a trip to Israel and do visit these amazing destinations in your trip.

Tourism in Israel

Israel is known for its religious tourism. It is an important industry that contributes a lot to the country’s economy. But recently, this country has shown great potential in other sectors of the tourism industry as well. With a temperate climate, many people from Europe and colder countries fly there to enjoy their time on the pristine white sand beaches. There are also many archaeological, biblical, and historical sites significant to different religions that also draw tourists from all corners of the world. Although many people don’t travel to this part of the world due to its unstable security, Israel still has seen a lot of improvement in its tourism industry.

Israel offers a unique chance to explore the remains of early human settlements, significant sites, amazing natural phenomenon, and amazing wilderness areas. So visit Israel soon and enjoy your trip. Following are some popular destinations of this country, so do include them in your itinerary of things to do and visit.

Our ultimate travel tip to Israel

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Popular Destinations to visit in Israel


Jerusalem is located on a plateau between Judean Mountain, Dead and the Mediterranean Sea. This city is one of the oldest in the world and considered as one of the holiest to the three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. This city serves as the capital of Israel. However, many countries are yet to recognize it as their capital. Due to its rich historical roots, there are many significant structures, ancient remains, tombs, sites, and other places of importance to explore for every traveller. Jerusalem is so old and significant, the whole city is considered as an example of a museum. Some of the best attractions of Jerusalem include the Old City, The Western Wall, Dome of Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Mount of Olives, and the list goes on. Plan a trip to this city with a complete presence of mind, and don’t forget to miss anything.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a salt lake in Israel. It is the lowest point on Earth and its shores are almost 430.5 metres below sea level. The Dead Sea is also the deepest hypersaline lake in the world with the salinity of 342 g/kg. With this much volume of salt, it is one of the largest saltiest bodies on Earth. Due to its salty features, swimming is parallel to floating here. Plants and animals cannot grow or survive in this salty environment. This is why it is known as the Dead Sea. It also borders Jordan on the Eastern flank and its main tributary is Jordan River. There are a lot of beaches on the shores of this unique salty sea lake. A visit to Israel is not complete without visiting the Dead Sea, so make sure you go there for a dip.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is dominated by buildings and structures that have 1930s Bauhaus design. This design depicts the cultural heritage of Israel. There are museums such as Beit Hatfutsot, The Eretz Museum, Museum of Art Highlights and more. These museums excel in the display of artefacts such as multimedia, folklore, crafts, ancient historical ruins, and notable works from different French artists and Pablo Picasso. There are also quite a few beaches with white sand and pristine water. You can enjoy a great time swimming there and soaking the warm sun. You can also spend your time in different open-air cafés, restaurants, and bars. The nightlife of this city is also beyond your imaginations. So expect the unexpected and enjoy an amazing time in this city.

Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee is a freshwater lake in Israel. It is the lowest freshwater lake on Earth, and second lowest water body after the Dead Sea at an elevation of 215 metres below the surface of the water. This lake is sacred to Christians, as it is believed that Jesus Christ used to perform miracles there. But you don’t need to be a Christian to visit this lake, you can visit it and enjoy all your time there.


Acre, also known as Akko is a port city in the north-western part of Israel. This city has some of the best-preserved city walls. There are some tunnels in these walls that have an ethnographic museum that portrays daily life in the Ottoman Empire time. There is also a synagogue in this city, along with an 18th-century old Mosque known as Al-Jazzar. This mosque has marble pillars and underground water pools. There are many historical sites and places that are now preserved completely. They have now any sculptures and artwork display from the Ottoman time. There are also many olive gardens and Cypress trees.


The southern part of Israel is mostly arid and desert. The Negev Desert is an important destination in Israel. Each year, thousands of tourist visit it and the Mamshit National Park within it. There are also some prehistoric settlements, as well as some other towns and cities. The main city is Be’er Sheva, which is also a prehistoric settlement mound with ruins. It has a lookout tower with jaw-dropping desert views. There are many international and Israeli exhibitions taking place in this city, so make sure to attend one when you are on your visit. 2000 years old prehistoric Arab city ruins can also be found near the Mamshit National Park. There is a partially reconstructed Byzantine city in the desert, which as churches and Dovecote.

The Southern part of the desert is an oasis that contains a waterfall, canyon, and a grove of Euphrates poplars. There are also some hiking trails found in the Eilat Mountain Nature Reserve. Make sure you have the best trip of your life in Israel’s southern part.

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