Portrait of a “Leftist”

Let’s face it, things would be fine if we would just give the Palestinians a state. We’re the problem here, not the world, nor the Palestinians, us!

All of the anti-Semitism in their society and the encouragement of terror is a result of our occupation of them. If only we would just leave them alone they’d leave us alone. And even if they wouldn’t it would be worth it just so that we could say that we’re not occupying anyone. We need to lift the blockade of Gaza and allow them to breathe…then they’d stop shooting at us. Even if they didn’t at least then the world would be able to see us as the good guys.

The truth is that the whole world is against us because of this occupation. If it ended they would welcome us with open arms into the community of nations. If we ended the occupation I wouldn’t have to hide my citizenship when I go abroad. We have become a militaristic society that simply thinks that the answer to any problem is killing it and that anyone who takes issue with that should be sent to prison!

It’s wrong. We should just go into the negotiating room and tell Abbas that we will give him the West Bank and pull down all of the settlements. Then he’d agree to a deal with a partition of Jerusalem and everything would be fine again. Well not again, just from then on everything would be fine.

We caused the Nakba now we should deal with the refugee problem we started. This occupation has utterly corrupted our society and is causing all of the problems we are fighting, it needs to end. Life for Palestinians is awful, the checkpoints, constant arrests and detention without trial and curfews are a terrible indictment of our society. I don’t actually know how often they happen, but I know that they’re bad. Those images of Palestinian children being arrested are simply heartbreaking. Who wouldn’t resist these things?

All of the stuff about the PA incitement of their own people may well be true but it pales into insignificant when compared to our own terrible crimes. I’ve never actually visited the West Bank or any other Arab village in Israel for that matter. It’s all a bit iffy over there. Though the fact that the government made it illegal to go there is a disgusting infraction upon my rights. Just because I would never go to Ramallah doesn’t mean that the government should pass a law about it. Thank god (though I don’t believe in him) that the high court threw the law out.

Every time I hear the hysterical reaction to a Palestinian stone thrower or the use others make of every terror attack in order to push their own agenda I want to throw up. Why anyone should think that ingraining ourselves deeper and deeper into occupied territory will do anything other than strengthen the extremists is utterly beyond me. We need to have a Palestinian state as much as the Palestinians need one. We need to do this before Israel goes from being a democratic country to a country run by the very worst of our society.

Peace Now!

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada
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