Post game wrap up……

For Trump haters who say, about Trump’s going to jail…. “We’ll see…”:

If you agree, please re-read the rules and regulations of the game.

In case you don’t have time to do that, here’s a summary of them:

In this country, NO ONE, hated or not, EVER goes to jail for tax disputes, because, when all of the rules snd regulations, set in place by congressional committees, US tax lawyers, and US tax code accountants, are followed, that’s not a possible outcome.

The only possible outcomes are one of the following:

no payment will be due,


payment in full will be due by a certain date with no more appeals possible because the system’s appellate levels have been exhausted,


payment in part, by accord and satisfaction, may be accepted,


payment by a payment plan will be accepted.

Those are the civil resolutions for following the law. As for criminality, there’s nuthin’ to see here….so no rubber necking…let’s move along, folks.

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