Post-modern Sinobhobia of the West: A Doomed Spiritual Colonization

The most adamant recent altercation in between China has resurfaced over a satirical cartoon that condemned Australian troops’ murder of innocent Afghans. The embarrassment seems to have reigned on the Australian side since further reports unveil the elite Australian soldiers’ atrocities in Afghanistan,

The Anglo-American allies of Australia have also involved in this war of words, and almost all of them have come up with arrogant statements and absurd justifications rather than solid facts.

On the theatrical side and media show side, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a phone call with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to express his “immense sorrow.” The show went further and, Australian Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell stated that “I sincerely and unreservedly apologize” to the people of Afghanistan. Nonetheless, Morrison declined to accept the fair criticism raised by China instead puked his fury as though China had intentionally tarnished the image of his country.

The motive and the logic behind Morrison’s principle are quite lucid: The West can not be held accountable and is impervious to criticism whereas others must pay the price dearly for their blunders and misconducts.

This is substantially linked with Western exceptionalism and thus defined as a consistent style of Western elitists who brag about the superiority of the Western civilization. With such a bizarre and racist mentality, the white man tends to generate his own principles of equality and liberty which are stuck in deception. Any objection to this notion is deemed as a threat and needs to be rooted out swiftly.

Morrison sustained his silence when European and American media outlets reported Australian troops’ misconduct with words like “war crimes” (as the criticism came from the West). Yet his reaction was unprecedented and giant when a Chinese diplomat condemned the brutal murder.

A glance at Western history abruptly reveals the idea that the West has had always some phobia.. Anti-semitism, Islamophobia, Russophobia, and now it is the era of rising Sinophobia. It is therefore a period of ‘put the blame at the gate of China’ for anything that is not fitting into their agenda. China’s rejection of being a vassal state and instead of rising as the world’s new power in the scope of the economy, trade, and tech has led to the emergence of Sinophobia which was there for centuries actually. Adopting a non-Western system and ideology and turning down to give in might have a cost. Brainwashed by such discourse, many ordinary people in the West would fall for Western politicians’ fabrications about China.

As a consequence, China has been the new giant threat and must be silenced at all times. The overwhelming sense of superiority is utilized again to justify the genocides of the West and any reaction to this is regarded as groundless and illegitimate. However, the West is entitled to the core to stigmatize China over the so-called human rights issues with misinformation and blame China of “genocide,”. Demonizing China has been the new trend in Western media outlets and it seems to catch on. China is not allowed to express its opinion or cast even a meager criticism when it comes to debunking a long list of genocides conducted by the West.

The West is employing its most updated version of hypocrisy which is so-called ‘Western democracy’. There is an assumption in the West believed by many that China is the colonial and the dictator country.

Now there is a new world order which has changed the dynamics of power. Since the Western states are unable to attain their colonies any longer, they attempt to ‘spiritually colonize’ others with their so-called universal values of democracy and human rights. However, the West’s moralistic tricks cannot survive except for deceiving their own communities.

As the media in other powerful countries rise along with their economy and influence across the globe, the delusional propaganda of the West will be futile and culminate in massive frustration on their side. Today’s world is entirely different from what it was like and most communities are endowed with the courage and strength to confront West’s double standards on human rights and other issues.

The world construct has substantially changed over the last decades. Whether or not the West will admit it, the notion that the West is the center of the world shall ultimatelyvanish into the thin air and the West must get ready for this undeniable fact.

About the Author
Serkan is lecturer and an independent journalist. He has a masters and Phd from Leeds University and publishes articles regularly in numerous media outlets.
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