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Predictions for 2021

My Predictions:

I share these with the thought that if we can make assumptions where the world is heading we know better where to spend our limited energies to help assist, steer and defend (and protect our families and investments). Some of this may be overly negative or wishful thinking and some of you no doubt have much better insights on these topics. B”H unexpected people and events will turn the coming years in a good direction.

Only HaShem knows…. but given current trajectories:

1) In the US, we will see two totally separate news and media platforms. Forty years ago, the NY Times was the paper of record. Because most of the main media outlets strayed left, it provided an opening for talk radio and then Fox News. The next step will be total separation: separate search engines, separate messaging systems, separate media sources. No doubt the large tech companies will fight this, but one would assume or depending upon your outlook, hope they will ultimately lose. The tragedy is that “we are what our inputs produce” and so we are looking at two separate societies in the US.

2) Because the biggest threat to Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Pelosi is a primary challenger from the left, they will be unable to move to the center on any legislative matters. They will have to continue to go after President Trump because their supporters will want that and otherwise they will quickly face challengers on their left. They will still have difficulty to passing a hard-left agenda because too many Senators and Congressman are on the bubble; e.g., Senator Manchin is unlikely to agree with the “squad’s agenda.” Nevertheless, the agenda of hearings will all focus on what they see as the sins of the last Administration and their witness lists will be 4-1 in favor of their perspective. They will control the conversation in their media.

3) For the Administration, Israel and the Middle East is a loser of an issue as the Democrats are badly split between the squad’s views and the more mainstream views. Given that, the Administration will not likely make the middle east a policy focal point other than some attempt to seek a solution for the Iran situation and the proforma complaints and threats to Israel about building over the green line. This potentially makes the middle east a more dangerous place as this is a neighborhood where strength is what matters. It seems that the Israelis will need to team up closer with Sunni Arab states in actions against Iran and with HaShem’s help will prevail.

4) The world alliances are shifting. Expect an emerging international alliance of believers; i.e., a) Evangelicals and other Christians who support Israel, b) observant and traditional Jews and c) moderate Sunni Muslims who will begin to claim that their version of support for Israel and traditional values is true Islam. Perhaps a MUFI (Muslims United for Israel will also appear.).

5) America’s Jewish community will continue to fracture as the observant component will grow demographically and through outreach and the more liberal strains will shrink and become increasingly supportive of cultural trends antithetical to Torah perspectives. Also, anti-Israel Jews could well gain additional converts due to increasing unchecked university and main media influences.

6) The 75 million Americans who supported President Trump are not going away and the 250,000 mostly peaceful and senior demonstrators are not going to give up. Expect a state by state focus on tightening election laws among other priorities. The Republican establishment will attempt to harness their energy to fight Biden Administration over-reach and policies they would naturally oppose. The Party will not ignore the Trump phenomenon.

7) The frustration on the part of the supporters and others on the right could well end up with a handful or more of anti-Semitic confrontations and incidents. People are seeing names such as Schumer and Nadler and Schiff and Madoff and Epstein and Weinstein and Zucker and Zuckerberg. Taken together some will be concerned about what these people have done to their country. A small but growing number may want to vent their rage at their understanding of a stolen election. On the left the Squad will be emboldened and will want to expand their demonization of Israel exponentially in word and policy for which a small but growing number may also want to commit acts of aggression against Jewish targets. All the while American Jews will argue about which is the biggest threat.

8) The Administration will want to reenter the climate accords and send large checks to Americans without the political will of raising taxes. The net affect will be a steady drop in the value of the dollar against the Shekel and other currencies and the resultant inflation.

9) The pharmaceutical companies who a year ago were the opioid villains are now heroes in some quarters and are flush with billions in profits. Expect them to lobby hard across the globe and with other industry partners; e.g., airlines, for passive-aggressive policies that support their industry such as green passports.

10) The cultural advocacy groups will again be able to make significant strides in Administration policy in the areas of teaching gender fluidity in the schools, removing terms such as mother and father, bathroom policies – the list of their objectives is long. Most disturbing is that religious institutions which thought they could protect their members and students within the walls of communities may no longer be able to keep out some of these measures as advocates will go after them. They will attempt to influence Israel as well but due to Israel’s religious demographics and traditional values both Jewish and Muslim, they may ultimately be able to defend a good deal of this.

11) For many of these reasons, Aliyah will significantly increase from north America.

Just some thoughts on where we seem to be headed. Please feel free to disagree and please help where you can and protect your families. With HaShem’s help we will move forward.

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Gary Schiff is a resource consultant and guide connecting Israel and the US