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Preparing for the Dec 2019 elections…

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Haifa at Night

In order to prepare for the 3rd election of 2019, I would like to announce my new party (before the excitement from the last election wears off).

The party is called… (drum roll here)… The Rosh Chodesh Party!

Our platform is both revolutionary and simple.

  1. Every Rosh Chodesh shall be a national holiday.

That’s really it (despite the use of a numbered list). You see, with this revolutionary stance, Israel will finally have something like an American Sunday (but more ‘us’).

Of course, if I and my five closest friends actually get into office, we might try out some other things. We’ve got some fun ideas on Iran, Gaza, Taxes, Healthcare, Mortages/House Prices and so on and so forth. After all, what are a few seats in the Knesset if not an opportunity to talk about whatever you feel like?

But, for now, isn’t it time for the issues that actually matter?

So remember, when it comes time to vote (again)…

Vote for Rosh Chodesh!

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Joseph Cox lives in Modiin, Israel and has written 12 books. The latest published book is "A Multi Colored Coat... an autobiography of sorts".
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