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President Obama, Israel’s friend ?

President Obama, Israel’s friend?

Today’s headline that the United States is withholding arms shipments to Israel has given new hope to Hamas and all the enemies of Israel that their dream of destroying Israel is still alive.
While the President publicly says that he is not worried about Israel’s future military, privately he has done everything possible to make that future dim.
This administration will pose this as a crisis between two leaders, a personality clash, however it goes much deeper. Netanyahu is the democratically elected Prime Minister of Israel. Israelis support this war by a margin as high as 87% (according to a recent Washington Post poll) so when the President withholds arms shipments, and pressures Netanyahu he is pressuring Israel.
Withholding arms shipments at a time of war, and more critically during discussions of a cease fire, is not the actions of a friend. As always Obamas words never match his deeds.
No question about it, this is an existential war. You have an enemy right on the border with Israel that is firing sophisticated missiles at Israel’s civilian population centers. We all know that Hamas larger goal is nothing short of genocide. It is in their charter, and they do not make a secret of it. The short term goal is ostensibly to have an open border, seaport, airport and an end to the blockade that Israel has imposed on the strip since Hamas began its reign of terror. Long term goal is to become strong enough to destroy Israel, which is their stated, and public professed goal.
Think about this for a second. The borders are monitored, the fishing is limited to 3 miles and there is a blockade precisely to prevent weapons, war material from being imported into Gaza. Hamas fired its first missile at Israel in 2001 and since then has fired thousands of missiles. This is the third war against Hamas since they brutally took over the strip from the PA .Hamas has fired during this war alone 3500 missiles and has built tunnels in which to attack Israeli civilians. Why would anybody in their right mind give in to these demands when it is obvious that they will just add more weapons, tunnels, and strengthen an enemy sworn to destroy them?
Can you see the United States offering Isis more arms?
When the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt the border between Egypt (remember they have a border too) was not monitored as closely as it is now, and that is mainly how Hamas has received its weapons. Egypt’s President Al Sisi recently began its crackdown on the weapons smuggling tunnels causing Hamas to feel the pressure.
President Obama was not happy about Egypt’s new President Al Sisi’s rise to power, and the dismantling of the Muslim Brotherhood. President Obamas support for the Muslim Brotherhood and the lack of support to a now friendly Government in Egypt speaks volumes
Israel is in a war of nothing short of survival. Keeping 80% of your country in bomb shelters is no way to live, and cannot go on indefinitely. There is a limited cease fire that is once again broken by Hamas. With Hamas on the ropes why is President Obama pressuring Israel? The only conclusion is that he doesn’t want to see Hamas destroyed.
If you adopt the Hamas position which is to open the borders, built a seaport, erase the embargo on arms, and war material and build an airport you are.
A. rewarding terrorism and extortion by violent means.
B. Enabling a terrorist group whose leadership has sworn genocide against its neighbors to acquire the means to do it.
This is precisely what this President is doing supporting the Hamas demands. In short the President wants Israel to commit suicide, death by a thousand terrorists
I always thought that the President would not show his hand towards Israel publicly until after he was reelected. Unfortunately I was correct.
His actions however have been consistent. Just as Iran was feeling the pressure to negotiate with the West because of the sanctions that were working, he lifts them.
My contention is simple he knows exactly what he is doing and since has only a couple of years left he is not exactly being subtle about it. .

The left will surely congratulate the President for pressuring Israel … for their own good they say. Yet Israelis who have spent the past month living in bomb shelters while rockets, and shrapnel explode over their heads see the reality. They see an enemy who is trying to kill them that one day will get the technology in which to do it. They see a blood thirsty cult of death that cares nothing about its own citizens doing everything that they can to kill them. They see the hypocrisy of the far left and some American Jews who still support this President while their lives are in danger.
This President has cast his vote with this and his many other actions. It is not the vote of a friend.
As I have always said about this President it is his deeds not his words that one should pay attention to.

This President is no friend of Israel. His actions will cost lives. He will have blood on his hands.


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