President Trump, with no doubt he is a true friend to Israel

The United Nations Security Council has voted against the building of Jewish homes in their homeland of Judea. The current President, Barack Obama, abstained from vetoing the resolution, which enabled the resolution to pass.  John Kerry gave a 72-minute speech regarding their decision that was clearly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. One of the few national leaders who has condemned this action was none other President Elect Donald Trump.

The election, as well as the campaign, is over. Yet as a Trump supporter I still defend Donald Trump to this day on his Israel and Jewish stance.  What more does he have to show that he is pro-Jewish and pro-Israel.  I have written articles showing his previous actions on supporting the Jewish people in US America and Israel and his continued support for our people.  He has publicly condemned the recent UN resolution and even said what Obama and Kerry did was wrong.  During the time of his transition, he has made some outstanding moves for Israel, such as appointing David Friedman as the UN ambassador, and still working on moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

If this isn’t enough, he has publicly condemned radical Islamic terror in recent terror attacks on Israeli civilians.  He says with no hesitation Israel needs to be protected and safe.  Don’t judge him solely based on some of his neo-Nazi supporters; unfortunately they are everywhere.  Judge him by his own words and actions. In fact, he has condemned neo-Nazis.

We finally have a President that is not afraid to say radical Islam.  He realizes there is no difference between Hamas and ISIS.  Most importantly, he does what a friend should do, let them run themselves.  Israel wasn’t merely created in 1948 but has existed for over 3,000 years.  Israel continues to prosper and will be a light to the nations like it was destined to be.

Donald Trump is who Israel needs as an ally to let her be truly independent and have her back when needed, especially against the likes of the United Nations.  He has always stood up for the Jewish people and Israel.

Personally, I am truly grateful that Donald Trump is the new President of the United States.  I have no regret supporting his campaign in Israel as well as voting for him.  I have faith he will do his best for American Jewish community and Israel and help make the world safe again.  Thank you Donald Trump for being a true friend of Israel

About the Author
David Weissman was born in New York and served in the US Army for 13 years, with two deployments to Afghanistan. He is now married with 3 daughters and is a free lance writer after making Aliyah to Israel.