Maximum Pressure


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No pressure then on either side to close down a conflict that has lasted for at least seven decades, claimed the lives of tens of thousands and now costs untold billions to support and maintain year in, year out.

But hasn’t that been our problem all along?

Have we been guilty of fostering too much of a laid-back attitude, a hands-off, let’s not upset these people approach to the situation? Everyone knows just how sensitive both sides are to outside interference and G-d forbid that the rest of us should presume to know what’s best for any of them.

And yet not being able to help presents us with an even bigger dilemma. All three monotheistic faiths – and even some not so centred upon a single deity – demand that whatever assistance can be given in resolving such matters must be offered and, if necessary, pushed forward in no uncertain manner.

But what assistance can there be when, after 66 years and a seemingly endless succession of peace proposals, nothing much seems left other than to await Mr. Kerry’s now somewhat troubled ‘framework’ and hope it will survive to win out over all the odds?

The answer can be staring us right in the face and yet how often do we still fail to see it.

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