Prime Minister Trudeau: Is Canada a fake ally and fair-weather friend of Israel? Part II

What then could the Prime Minister have done as a humanitarian as well  as an ally and a friend  of Israel and a friend of the Arab countries and their leaders  who have condemned Hamas’ criminal behaviour vis- a- vis the Gazans and genocidal intentions towards the Israelis?

Well, first of all, he could have ordered forthwith the Canadian Defence Forces working together with the Canadian Red Cross to evacuate of all Canadian nationals and any other foreign national who wish to be evacuated.

Second, he could have made an attempt to save the life and limb of Gazans from the cruel manipulation of its leaders, by following the lead of the Arab leaders and demanding Hamas to cease and desist at once from using them as pawns and human shields and sending them home.

Third, he could have demanded Hamas to let in forthwith, the truckloads of medicine which Israelis have been trying to ship to Gaza; and in the event Hamas refuses to comply with the demand to arrange with the western allies and if necessary, order the RCAF to parachute this medicine into Gaza or to transfer it from Israel by helicopters.

Fourth, introduce in the UN General Assembly a motion, condemning all Hamas incitement and violence, demanding an immediate stop to all violence originating from Gaza, respect for the internationally recognised Gaza border, and a cease-fire from Israel.

Fifth, secure the authorisation and consent of the Palestinian Authority, to send in U.N. peace-keepers to Gaza to achieve that which could not be achieved verbally or in writing

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Doğan Akman immigrated to Canada with his family. In Canada, he taught university in sociology-criminology and social welfare policy and published articles in criminology journals After a stint as a Judge of the Provincial Court (criminal and family divisions) of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, he joined the Federal Department of Justice as a Crown prosecutor, and then moved over to the to civil litigation branch . Since his retirement he has published articles in Sephardic Horizons and e-Sefarad and in an anthology edited by Rifat Bali titled "This is My New Homeland" published in Istanbul.
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