Read more: ‘Obama to press Netanyahu, Abbas to accept framework’ | The Times of Israel 

Getting out the big guns – or, in this case, the biggest big gun — may show that the US is serious about Mr. Kerry’s much vaunted but not quite fully glimpsed ‘framework’ concept.

Well, it’s something positive to note but is there any real chance for the Americans to pull this one off? The whole thing can so easily be shot down in flames by the very nature of the situation and the long-standing tendency it has to fall back upon its more traditional default positions.

The fundamental problem remains much as before. How to advance matters to a point where reasoned debate and argument in a far more relaxed atmosphere can prevail, a permanent transition through which calm and deliberate handling of events, crises, mindsets and ambitions becomes commonplace, almost routine.

After 66 years of deadly conflict and backed by the experience acquired in centuries of exposure to conditions of much greater complexity, it should come as no surprise that, in this present day and age, new methods must evolve, challenging the outdated policies and heavy-handed measures by which former disputes were brought to closure.

Isn’t progress wonderful?

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