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By the Grace of G-d


In addition to the Book of Daniel (which was mentioned in previous posts), there are many other prophecies that seem to be describing current events. Here are some of them.

In the second chapter of Isaiah, the prophet talks about the time of Redemption, when Torah will go forth from Zion, and G-d’s word from Jerusalem. Isaiah describes the humbling of the mighty, when G-d will shake the earth, and man will hide, and search for bats. This sounds a lot like the Covid pandemic.

Ezekiel (chapters 37, 38) talks about Gog, King of (the land of) Mogog. His army will cover the earth like a black cloud, many from foreign nations will join him, he will be defeated,and the dead will be left in the open fields. ISIS seems to fit this description. There is even a clue from the Talmud (Sanhedrin 94a) regarding the location of Mogog. The Talmud relates that G-d wanted to make King Chizkiyahu the Moshiach, and to make the Assyrian King Sancherrib Gog, but it didn’t end up happening. Now in order for Sancherrib to qualify to be Gog, he had to be from the land of Mogog. So if we know where Sancherrib lived, then we know where Mogog is. Sancherrib lived in Ninveh. The ancient ruins of Ninveh (and Sancherrib’s palace) are adjacent to the City of Mosul in Iraq. About nine years ago, the leader of ISIS declared the establishment of his caliphate, in a mosque in Mosul, within two miles of Ninveh. Thus we can now say that the leader of ISIS lived in Mogog, and that perhaps he was Gog.

The prophet Ovadiah was a Jewish convert who descended from Edom (or Esau, the forebearer of Rome and Western society). He prophesied about the era of Redemption, and how the world will be refined, when “Saviours will rise on Mount Zion to judge the mountain of Esau, and the Kingdom will be G-d’s.” At one point he talks about robbers stealing Edom’s secrets, and wonders how Edom was so quiet about it. This sounds very much like what China did, stealing technological secrets from the West for years, with (until recently) nary a protest from western nations.

On the last day of Passover, the eleventh and twelfth chapters of Isaiah are read in synagogues. Isaiah talks about the days of Moshiach, when G-d will gather the Jewish people from all four corners of the world, and when the harassment and envy (between two factions of Jews) will cease. It will be a time when “there will be no more evil and destruction on My holy mountain, for the world will be filled with knowledge of G-d, just as water covers the seas.” May it happen imminently.

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