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Pulled Beefs and Over Hundreds of Wines Dominate KFWE

More than 2500 guests flooded into the world’s largest kosher food and wine show last week in Chelsea Piers, on the west side of Manhattan, to sample astonishing creations from hundreds of vendors and restaurants. Over 35,000 plates of mouthwatering modern bites were served up to the enthusiastic attendees — from Lamb Bacon, many varieties of sweet and Spicy Sausages, Buffalo Meatballs, and spicy Hawaiian poke to Lotus Doughnuts, Bacon-Flavored Brittle, and pulled beef with veal truffle pate. Not only are all of these delicacies kosher, but many are kosher for Passover.

Brands and restaurants with tasting dishes included, Grow and Behold, Marami, Graze Smoke House, Eandering Que and Breadberry.

These dishes, presented creatively and shared with suggestions on how to use in our own homes prove “you don’t have to be Jewish” to purchase, cook, and eat.

Many of the presenters are tied to The website began one year ago with a big idea, a passion for food, and a dedication to creating a place for the ultimate kosher conversation. No-one expected that would skyrocket quite so high, so quickly.
One year later, the community – with more than 9-million page views – is celebrating the stellar success of this comprehensive resource for kosher recipes, food shows, learning, and conversation.

For Leah Gottheim, Vice President, the best part of the job is when people tell her that makes their lives easier. “I love when parents tell me they got new recipes from our site that their picky families loved. They tell me their younger kids love to watch the videos, and then the older kids join them in the kitchen and everyone cooks together, making the recipes they just learned, and they’re confident that all the content is kosher. It really makes me happy to hear!”

Linked is a recipe for ribs, since so many dishes were similar, and universally got rave reviews.

Royal Wines works with many of the kosher spirit manufacturers and distributors who exhibited at the event. According to Jay Buchsbaum, VP Marketing & Director of Wine Education at Royal Wine Corp.,“An early Passover (Friday, March 30-Saturday, April 7, 2018) is driving an intense demand for kosher wines. KFWE has fulfilled its growing role as a key influencer in determining which wines will grace America’s Seder tables, showing wines ranging in price from $6 to $500.”

I noticed that the wine trend grapes to make blush and rose wines are expanding. One can buy a good quality wine for less than $15, depending where you live and competition. Some of my personal favorites included Clas Mesorah, a red wine with an award-winning label, French wines from Selection Bokobsa and a Canadian wine from Tzafona, that is cultivated with ice, the only wine of its kind according to Toby Berkel, the company’s general manager.

Urban Pops served made-to-order custom ice pops with assorted toppings. Sesame, out of Brooklyn, offered donuts and hamantashen with cookies and cream, custard and hazelnut flavors. They even sent home attendees with goodie bags.

Each attendee received a custom wine glass, which I used on with a Morad Winery selection tasted and purchased after the event. A few nights later, a similar event was held in Los Angeles.

Can’t wait until next year! L’Chaim.

Cindy Grosz can be found at @cindyscorners on Instagram.

Grosz Discussing French Wines With A Winery Owner
Pulled Beef and Gnocchi
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