Purim: The best buzz for your bash

Isn’t is amazing how food is a unique character in the Purim story? It is featured in the opening scene, the King’s endless party, and plays a role in bringing Mordechai to power with poison. It then becomes intrinsically associated with the holiday, since 3 of the 4 major commandments revolve around it. The commandment to send gifts of food, to help the poor afford food for a holiday meal, and of course drinking alcohol.

The final commandment can be met in many pleasant ways. I don’t doubt each of us has a unique story to tell about how we got our Purim buzz. I want to break down your best Purim options to forget who the Heck was Mordechai or Haman.

Photo Curtesy of Vera Kratoshvil
Photo Curtesy of Vera Kratoshvil

Alcohol/Cocktails: Each cocktail has 1-2 Shots of alcohol. Each shot has an average of 98 calories and 40% alcohol. That is not including the mixers which average 150 calories per a drink.

What does this mean to your Purim experience?

I rate it a 2 on my Purim scale. For every step away from sobriety you will spend 200-400 calories and you will go from forgetting about Haman to Dude where’s my car, to sick, so fast that you miss entire point of the process.

Beer: This inexpensive option is common in large parties. Each beer will run you 95-150 calories and is only 4.5% alcohol.

What does this mean to your Purim Experience?

I rate this a 5 on the scale. You will be sober long enough to celebrate the meaning of the holiday, and contribute something spiritual to the experience. However, after the large festive meal, the minimum of 600 calories it will take for you to celebrate until the end of the evening will leave you with a big beer belly in the morning.

photo courtesy George Hodan
photo courtesy George Hodan

Wine: This choice has the rabbi’s blessing, so your inebriated sins will be absolved. Not true, you have to be sober enough to remember and be able to complete all of the commandments; but many Rabbi’s do conclude that the best spiritual buzz worthy choice is wine, since the story came to pass because of wine itself.

What does this mean to your Purim experience?

Big Winner with a perfect score 10. Wine has a perfect buzz worthy balance of 120 calories and 14% alcohol of every 5oz. Not to mention the antioxidant boost that is a boon for the heart and cholesterol. Wine will help you forget the villain, without impairing your ability to preform any commandment that your designated driver can transport you to.

For An awesome info-graphic with all of the calorie counts and alcohol percentages of your favorite drinks, as well as the best and lightest cocktail choices, get this infographic and easy healthy recipes for your Sueda.

Drink responsibly

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