Kanyi Ndewa

Putin’s ideological photo-shop

The cruel face of terror has shown itself once again leaving death, pain and mayhem in Moscow, Russia. Such senseless act of violence meted on innocent people stands condemned in the most uncertain terms. In one accord, the community of nations must send a clear and unequivocal message to the Jihadists, that human life is inviolable and that whatever the grievance(s), violence can never lead to a solution.

The trail of radical Islamists’ bloodshed indiscriminately runs across the continents and religions. When they came for Kenyans and Tanzanians in 1998, we deluded ourselves that they were only targeting American interests. When they came for the Nigerian teenage girls, we dismissed them as rustic and distant Boko Haram. When they came for Americans on 9/11, we said Islam is a religion of peace. When they inserted the dagger of death in Europe, we shouted slogans of freedom of religion and cultural identity. When they re-visited Israel, we called for ceasefire and humanitarian aid, we even proposed to reward them with an independent state.

Then they came for Russians….Even though Islamic State terror group has claimed ownership of the human carnage, President Putin is engaged in an act of epic ideological photo-shop in order to insert Ukraine into the picture. The most diabolical cover-up for terrorists by a head of state so far. To Putin, the terrorists have provided a much welcome opportunity for consolidation of power and mobilization of troops against Ukraine.

When they brutally snatched our future during graduation ceremony in Mogadishu university, we were indifferent because Somalia is lawless and predominantly Islamic. Then they came for our dreams at Garissa University, Kenya…we were speechless.

In a nutshell, global terrorism must be confronted jointly, urgently and ruthlessly. Unfortunately, the deplorable conduct of United Nations in the Israel-Hamas war has irretrievably discredited the institution and tossed its moral value into the excavated ruins of Pompeii.

The innocent blood spilled in Moscow is yet to dry. May the wails of innocent blood spilled in Russia awake the world to the cries of Israeli babies, children, men and women forgotten, wasting away in the terror dungeons of Gaza.
The war on terror faces a serious ideological challenge from shenanigans of moral relativism and political correctness. This rhetorical war can only be won when leadership is guided by virtues of moral clarity as opposed to mindless pursuit of power.

Many people are wondering why the Islamic State would attack Russia when Putin has stood by their genocidal brothers in the Middle East. Is it by design or default? Well, I think terrorists are very sick in their heads and, as you know, there’s no honour among thieves.

About the Author
Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.