Pyongyang challenges world community, Tehran watches with interest

I wonder how future generations will judge us for our passiveness.

For eight (8) years we had in Obama a US president who not only shielded but actually rescued and aided rogue regimes such as Iran, North Korea, Hizbollah, Fatah and others. Obama literally rescued the Iran regime from the brink of collapse by (1) refusing to offer even token moral support to pro-democracy voices during widespread Iranian domestic protests, and (2) releasing hundreds of billions of dollars to Iran after which the mullahs gratefully rearmed both themselves and their colonialist Hizbollah occupying army, and then joined forces with the Butcher of Damascus, Bashar Assad, as he went about massacring half a million of his own citizens and driving most of the rest into exile.

None of this, however, has interested famed “media” outlets such as CNN. Instead, CNN has just one (1) single item on its agenda: the vilification of the current US President and his removal from power, so he can be replaced by the candidate favoured by the previous US President – you know, the President who brought us to today’s critical state.

So today we have the comical, albeit nightmarish, situation whereby a megalomaniac with a comical haircut who lives in Pyongyang is being egged on by America’s CNN against a sitting US President, because for CNN it is more important to vilify Trump than it is to spotlight the security abyss that Trump inherited from Obama.

The media are now focusing on the limited options available to the current US president – each option worse than the previous one – while utterly ignoring the fact that it is the previous US president who has delivered us into this nightmarish situation.

Make no mistake about it: while the media, led by CNN, ghoulishly claps its hands in delight at every injudicial comment made by Trump; while the media laughs in derision at his suggested methods of containing the madman of North Korea because every such suggestion will of necessity plunge not just the US but much of the rest of the western world into military, security and commercial strife – nobody is (1) explaining that it is thanks to Obama’s heritage that there are no good options, and (2) even more importantly, nobody is pointing out that standing quietly on the sidelines watching this unfold is the hardline mullah regime of Iran. Because if the world community fails to deal robustly with Pyongyang, then Tehran will quite naturally draw the logical conclusion that the world community will also hesitate to deal robustly with Tehran.

Which means that two rogue states with nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities – and intimate, long-term nuclear-weapons cooperation – will be calling the shots.

For everyone. The world over.

While CNN and the rest of the media continue their latest sport of Trump-baiting. Blind and deaf to the dangers growing exponentially around them. In other words, blind and deaf to the emerging story that they won’t report until it becomes a reality – after which they will be unable to report it.

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Served as deputy chair of the West Sweden branch of the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association. Written three political thrillers about Sweden-Israel-Gaza in The Hart Trilogy: "Bridges Going Nowhere" (2014), "The Threat Beneath" (2015) and "From the Shadows" (2016), where the action switches seamlessly between Samaria, Gaza, Israel, Sweden and Iran. Work has started on a fourth book, "Picture Imperfect".
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