Is it to be always more questions than answers?

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And so it continues.

More bad PR for Israel, more reason for the world to feel ill-disposed towards it and certainly nothing with which to burnish an image that is becoming increasingly hard to project as better than most.

Now I know there can be circumstances in which such incidents are justified, excusable or, at the very least, debatable. But here the damage has already been done and any number of whys and wherefores about what happened don’t amount to a hill of beans.

Israel’s handling of such matters leaves much to be desired. It’s almost as if there is a deliberate disconnect between executive and policy-making departments. Or could it be that there are no policies in place because so many cases like this answer only to the vagaries of the moment, never quite conforming to conventional doctrine or accepted rules of behaviour?

Then it may be time for some all-inclusive policy to be imposed upon the entire situation, one that will encompass every contingency and can be applied without any fear of favouritism, injustice and human error.

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