Quick Quiz: Are you an Anti-Semite*?

Having asked a friend’s opinion about this first entry into my ToI hosted blog, the comment was that it’s too tongue-in-cheek for such a serious topic. And that it’s ‘too angry’. Both valid observations; they reflect the stressful situation many supporters of Israel (and many Jews) feel we are in. 


  1. Ask yourself: Am I anti-Semitic?
    – If the answer is “No way! There are people in my family who are/were anti-Semitic, but I distance myself from them/or “No, I come from a family of people who were always positive or neutral towards Jews” – Congrats, you are NOT anti-Semitic.
    – If the answer is “Yes”, Congrats, you ARE anti-Semitic (you can stop reading this article here).
  1. Ask yourself:

Do I always watch/read news about Jews or Israel, even if there are other stories making headlines that are bigger and of more geographical, national or cultural pertinence?

If so, congrats, you are obsessed with Jews (the origin of your unbalanced inclination is a separate matter).

  1. Ask yourself:

Did I condemn the terrorist attacks in Beslan, NYC, London, Madrid and Bali, but yet when it comes to Israel I feel that Islamic terrorism is justified?

If so, congrats, you ARE anti-Semitic.

  1. Ask yourself:

Do I support the existence of countries such as Australia, the US, the UK, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, Russia and others, yet still feel Israel is an artificial construct? (Despite the Jewish people’s connection to that land, a connection that none of the above nations can claim to have with their current country.)

If so, congratulations once again, you ARE anti-Semitic.

Obviously, this is just an overly simplistic, debatable (in a civilized way) litmus test for anti-Semitism. The sad thing is that I’ve seen young Germans, who are disgusted by the crimes of their grandfathers against the Jews, completely opposed to classic anti-Semitism, who go out to the streets to defend the German democracy against neo-Nazis, and who are also the same people who shout out against the existence of Israel (thus being complicit, inadvertently, in the same historical crime against the tiny Jewish nation).

I’ve seen 100% secular people, who are disgusted at the perversions that organized religion (Christianity, in this case) produced resulting in countless victims amongst Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.

Many of those same people are being swept away by the anti-Semitism produced by some in the Secularist, Humanist currents, in denying only one nation the right to a state – the Jews.

Here are just a few examples:

This is but one from thousands you can find in the Guardian comment page for example:

The Guardian comments
The Guardian – clipping from comments page

Another example – a Danish lady, living in Turkey and a main promoter of all things ‘Palestinian’. Yet she never posted about the same Palestinians being killed in the thousands by Syria’s Assad or about those Palestinians killed supporting the same murderous dictator. (http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=534858).

By the way, estimates of the death total in the Syrian war vary from 115,000 to 150,000 and even 170,000, with twice more people being killed there during last weekend than in the last month of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

If you’re deeply offended by my questions and the conclusions I would draw from the answers you have provided silently, you might still stand a chance at moral redemption, but you definitely need to reassess your attitude and views regarding the Jews and their one, tiny, democratic state.

Shalom/Salaam/Peace to all!

* of the Judeo-phobic type

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Andrei Schwartz, PhD. - is a Steering Committee member of the Jewish Diplomatic Corps. The Jewish Diplomatic Corps (JDCorps), is a worldwide network of outstanding young Jewish professionals who voluntarily engage in diplomacy and public policy.
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