Quit the UN. Then annex

Why is Israel still sitting in the United Nations?

The Zionists established an independent country. If we are dependent on someone else for our well-being, in this case the treacherous leader of another country Obama, we are not independent. He could shaft us because we are members of the UN. But the UN is a voluntary organization. No one has a gun to our head. We can leave at any time.

We should have left the UN yesterday.

We needed the UN during our birth to give us international recognition. That only happened because one world leader decided to take up our cause. Stalin. As far back as 1945 he told Churchill that the Jews should have a state. Every other major power opposed a Jewish state and the proposal was dead in the water as far as they were concerned.

We had a second friend in 1967 at the UN, Lyndon Johnson. I think it was his grandmother who was Jewish. She came out of a large number of crypto-Jews who had swarmed into south Texas, when it under Mexican rule, fleeing the Spanish Inquisition. He was brought up as a staunch Zionist.

In 1938-39 as a young congressman he issued visas to Jews in Warsaw and brought them to Texas. He is credited with saving 500 lives. Then in the run-up to independence, when Israel was under a world-wide arms boycott, he shipped out weapons from Galveston under the disguise of Texas grapefruit. That would not have been enough to save us but then Stalin came through what was lacking in weapons.

Johnson supervised the wording of Resolution 242 which was supposed to govern how the issues following the Six-Day War were to be dealt with. He did not mention Jerusalem. He equated the two refugee problems  — our 850,000 and their 550,000 — so that these had to be resolved together He did not require that Israel return all the land it had captured, only some of it. Israel met that requirement in leaving Sinai and Gaza. The rest is ours to keep.

Eugene Rostov, who was US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, spelled this out in no uncertain terms. He said, “Resolution 242, which as Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs between 1966 and 1969 I helped produce, calls on the parties to make peace and allows Israel to administer the territories it occupied in 1967 until ‘a just and lasting peace in the Middle East’ is achieved. When such a peace is made, Israel is required to withdraw its armed forces ‘from territories’ it occupied during the Six-Day War — not from ‘the’ territories nor from ‘all’ the territories, but from some of the territories, which included the Sinai Desert, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.”

I may be dense but I don’t see a time limit on Resolution 242. It hasn’t expired. Obama comes along with his Resolution 2334 which totally negates  Resolution 242 in favor of an entity created by the KGB in 1964 originally to make a claim on Israel.

Jeanne Kirkpatrick, the UN envoy under Reagan, saw what the UN game was back in the 80s. She said, “The long march through the UN has produced many benefits for the PLO. It has created a people where there was none; a claim where there was none. Now the PLO is seeking to create a state where there already is one. That will take more than resolutions and more than an ‘international peace conference.’ But having succeeded so well over the years in its campaign to delegitimize Israel, the PLO might yet also succeed in bringing the campaign to a triumphant conclusion, with consequences for the Jewish state that would be nothing short of catastrophic.”

Israel can only blame itself for much of what has happened due to the idiotic Oslo process starting in 1993. Why was it idiotic?

The Israelis knew that the PLO was an instrument of Soviet policy. The First Intifada, which the PLO presented as “a spontaneous uprising” was no such thing. Documents available today prove that Arafat, the PLO leader, went to Moscow to ask permission from Gorbachev to launch the uprising and he gave it. The number of Arabs killed by Israel in clashes was 808. But the number killed by PLO death squads was 985. They were doing what the Pakistanis did when they invaded Bangladesh, when it sought independence. The first people they hunted down were the intellectuals who might provide leadership to Bangladesh. The PLO was also wiping out possible alternative leaders.

Up to Oslo, Israel was trying to develop local leaders. These were upstanding citizens, which is who you put in charge of any normal society, and once you had them, you could go on from there. Israel decided, and it doesn’t matter at this point which party did this because no one has stopped it, to parachute into the territories murderers, thugs, and cutthroats, and let them rule as if the PLO were anything other than a criminal organization. Worse than that, if Israel had just stood back, the PLO would have disintegrated in a few years. The Soviet Union was gone and Arafat himself had alienated large numbers of those formerly sympathetic to him because he had supported Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War against the US and its allies.

Israel permitted a criminal organization rule over the local Arabs. Arafat stole all the foreign aid and his gangsters all got rich. The ordinary people got nothing. Who says so? — Issam Abu Isah, who attempted to establish a bank in the territories. He said, “Arafat’s men flagrantly displayed corruption. Arriving penniless in Gaza and the West Bank from exile in Tunisia, many PLO members amassed wealth, built villas in Gaza, Ramallah, Amman, and other places, and sent their children to the best schools in the UK and the US.”

Nor did Arafat ever have any attention of signing a peace treaty. In 1994 he met with supporters in South Africa and a journalist Bruce Whitfield secretly recorded him telling them that he was engaged in “a jihad to liberate Jerusalem.” He was referring to all of Jerusalem.

Nor does Abbas, his fellow KGB agent, have any intention of signing a peace treaty but the worse part for the Arabs living there is that they have no human rights after all these years and they will never see any under this Palestinian authority.

Obama did not take up the PLO cause the day before yesterday. This was not something he was going to advertise while furthering his ambitions to become president. But in 2003 he gave the toast at a going-away party for Rashid Khalidi in Chicago. Khalidi is an American, a former go-fer for Arafat, and a rabid anti-Semite. At one point he said that suicide bombers are okay as long as the victims are Jews. In 2007 he invited to Columbia University in NY the Iranian fruit loop Ahmadinejad. Khalidi is the kind of person that Obama ran with before he decided to enter national politics. Now he is going back to them as a hero.

The expulsion of Taiwan tells you what kind of a reprehensible organization the UN is. Taiwan is a democracy. They wanted to bring in Red China, under a totalitarian regime that had murdered tens of millions of people. Red China wouldn’t come with Taiwan there. But what kind of an organization, except one with no principles of human decency, would expel a democracy in favor of a regime led by inhuman monsters? The UN would.

Israel has no choice but to annex Judea and Samaria and the sooner the better to put an end to this Oslo nightmare. There is nothing to fear from demographics. Members of terrorist organizations can be expelled and the rest can apply for citizenship at their leisure. At the same time, walk away from the UN. What are they going to do that they haven’t done already with Resolution 2334?

With Trump we’ve got a friend possibly at the level of Lyndon Johnson. He may not be Jewish but his daughter Ivanka is and her three grandchildren. If we don’t annex now while a fair-minded man like Trump is at the helm of US, we may never get another chance when the Obamas of the world come back.

The Arabs in the territories do not have the right to free speech. But many leaders in one way or the other have expressed their desire to come under Israel’s rule. This is one of them, Bassem Ayyad, a human rights activist, who worked for B’Tselem at one time.

He told a conference of Judea and Samaria researchers that 99.9 of Palestinian Arabs would love to be absorbed by Israel. This is from an article in Arutz Sheva by Yoni Kempinski.

“Ayyad explained that ‘the Palestinians have become frustrated by the attitude and the behavior of the Palestinian Authority.’

“He noted that since the PA was created in the 1993 Oslo Accords, Arabs living under the organization only hear about corruption from it, and he emphasized that the PA hasn’t built a single kindergarten in Judea, Samaria or Gaza in its entire existence.

“If you were to secretly poll Palestinians, Ayyad asserted that ‘99.9 per cent would ask to be under the Israeli authority rather than under the Palestinian Authority.’”

“Ayyad made clear he does not blame Israel for an ‘occupation,’ but rather for forming the PA. He said the true ‘nakba’ (‘catastrophe’ in Arabic) for Palestinians was the founding of the PA in 1994 — the term nakba is used by Palestinians to describe the inability of Arab armies to destroy the nascent Jewish state in 1948.

“‘If you ask a Palestinian today ‘what nakba do you suffer from more, 1948 or 1967? he would tell you the true nakba is the coming of the Palestinian Authority in 1994,’ said Ayyad. ‘There is great suffering today under the PA.’”

And here’s what David Friedman, the new US ambassador to Israel under Trump, said a few months ago.

“Both Israeli and Palestinian majorities now prefer Israeli rule to a nascent Palestinian state. … The two-state solution is an effort to divide Israel in two, leaving it without defensible borders.”

“‘I’m not saying, one way or the other, that a ‘one-state solution’ is the correct path. ‘That is a decision for the Israeli people to make.”

“‘But it is simply not true that Jews will become a minority in their own land if a two-state solution is not implemented.’”

No one gives you independence. You have to take it. If not now, when?

About the Author
Dov Ivry is from the Maritimes in Canada, born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist there for 20 years with a one-year stop at the Gazette in Montreal. He's been hanging out in Israel for 36 years, doing this and that, and managed to produce 66 books.