R-Opportunity-I: it happened.

Team RIO
Running Team RIO

I’m writing this at the end of the ROI conference. I slept two hours last night. I know I should have just been responsible and gone up to my room to get a good night’s sleep but I wanted to be surrounded by my ROI peers. After all it would be the last time we are all together as a group—as this group of people. Am I being dramatic? Yes.

As I reflect on my time here (reflections of a semi-drunk morning-after with two cups of coffee, one in each hand) I realize how much this conference has changed my life. I’m not going to get cheesy. I’m just going to say thank you for it all.

The opportunities I have experienced in the last five days have rocked my world. I have made connections and networked with people that will take my ideas to the next level. I have met people that want to do something and take action. I have collaborated. I have shared. And I now know that I am only at the beginning of my goals. Mainly because now I have 500 new aspirations, thanks to ROI.

I have connected. I have created. And I have coffeeed.

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