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Race Isn’t a Sheild

Stop the presses, stop the presses! The sky is falling President Donald Trump mused on Twitter and all Hell has broken lose. Accusations of racism are spreading like wildfire, political rivals are crying foul and the liberal flock are rushing to assume the worst. And so another week has commenced in Washington, D.C.

A new age of politics has dawned, one in which context means nothing and where bombastic labels are thrown around without much rhyme or reason. It is quite disheartening to see how often people resort to such political ploys, but this tactic does not show any signs of dissipating anytime soon.

The recent spat of accusations arose after President Trump lambasted several Democratic politicians, and snidely commented that they should return to their home countries if they hate the United States so much. While on the surface the comments are a tad distasteful, the response to them are quite out of proportion. It is important to remember who the President was targeting. He was not targeting saints and heroes, nor was he striking out against peacemakers and moderates. His ire was aimed at the freshmen congresswomen that have been spouting offensive nonsense since the second they entered office. And, when viewed with his other comments and tweets, it is blatantly obvious that his attacks were focusing on their ideas and stances, not their race or heritage.

Who are these congresswomen, you may be wondering? The ringleader of the circus, Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, stands as the poster child for Millennials who ignorantly idolize Socialism and demonize anyone and anything that stands against their Social Justice Warrior crusade. Representative Cortez has openly praised and spoken fondly of Jeremy Corbyn, the man who has allowed anti-Semitism to infect large swaths of the British Labour Party. Representative Cortez has also praised and defended Linda Sarsour, the venomous anti Semite who wears a mask of liberalism in an attempt to deflect away from her more sinister views. And let us not forget how Representative Cortez bent over backwards to shield her fellow freshmen congresswomen from accusations of anti-Semitism.

Truly a saint.

Next in the cadre is Representative Ilhan Omar, who somehow manages to find her foot perpetually in her mouth: She downplayed the terrorist attacks of September 11, she insinuated that American soldiers are just as wicked as Islamic terrorists, she sought leniency for Islamic State sympathizers, and has been embroiled in several scandals involving her deeply held anti-Semitic views. And how can we forget her statements that claimed that Jews use their money to buy support for Israel?

Such an angel.

Next in the Freshman Congressional Ship of Fools is Representative Rashida Tlaib, the Palestinian American who stated that she feels ‘comforted’ by the memory of the Holocaust. Representative Tlaib has also used the age-old anti-Semitic trope of ‘dual loyalties’ when musing about American Jews and their support for Israel. And when she is not shouting obscenities against President Trump into microphones, she likes to superimpose sticky notes with the name ‘Palestine’ onto maps of the Middle East.

Clearly another shining star in the Democratic Party.

These are the buffoons President Trump has been attacking. And no, his comments are not racist. If one steps back and observes his rant in its entirety, it is quite clear that he was attacking these people for their ludicrous ideas, not their race. Those who rush to scream racism only do so in the hopes of deflecting attention away from the larger issue at hand. Instead of tackling extremism in their party, the Democrats will use any and all opportunity to demonize Republicans so that they don’t have to confront the bombastic ideologues within their party. It is also worth noting that these very same accusers accused Representative Nancy Pelosi of racism just a few days ago. Their tactics are stale and predictable: Representative Pelosi made a few critiques of the freshmen congresswomen, and they in turn saw these comments as being outright attacks against them. Because they are unable to actually respond to criticism, these freshmen congresswomen rushed to use the race card. They had the audacity to imply that Representative Pelosi was targeting them simply because of their race. But she wasn’t, and the mere accusation was dumbfounding. And now they are using the very same tactic as a response to President Trump’s tweets.

Race is not a shield. It should not be used to protect anyone from political criticism. Accusations of racism hold merit when someone is solely attacked due to their race or ethnic background. President Trump, like Representative Pelosi, was not being racist in his comments. Yes, the comments were a tad inappropriate. And yes, President Trump is a deeply flawed man. But he is not a racist. Many within the United States find the agenda of Representative Cortez, Omar and Tlaib deeply disturbing. Their views are extreme, they have created an environment within the Democratic Party that allows for anti-Semitism to spread unchecked, and they deem anyone who dares disagree with them as a bigot. This is simply a ploy, a tactic used to shut down criticism, debate and discussion. Those that are rushing to demonize President Trump as a racist should be ashamed of themselves. These very same people were taken aback and were horrified when the accusations fell upon Representative Pelosi a few days ago. But their hatred for President Trump blinds them, and they fail to see the hypocrisy before their very eyes.

What fools these mortals be.

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