Radical Islam Deserves No Voice

Radical Islam does not need to be given a voice, it needs to be silenced. Radical Islam wishes to destroy western civilization in order to bring their perverted form of Islamic domination by means of terrorism. They will use the Koran and various other religious texts to justify their holy war against Israel and the west. This is a battle for survival against a boundless, cancerous movement; it will do all that is necessary to impose their corrupt ideology on the world.

Recently, in a famous city that thrives on pluralism and western values, such as freedom of speech and worship, the Jihad, which is Islamic holy war, has crept into NYC entertainment world to manipulate innocent minds. The Met Opera decided to allow the performance of “the Death of Klinghoffer” on October 20th 2014; This performance is based on the factual and historical tragedy that befell on the Klinghoffer Family. PLO terrorists boarded a western cruise liner in 1985 and held the passengers hostage. Their demands were simple – to free their fellow terrorists from Israeli prisons. An innocent wheelchair bound American Jew named Leon Klinghoffer was executed simply because he was a Jew. His brutal murder was by a gunshot to the back of his head – he was then thrown overboard like waste. Klinghoffer was murdered by coldblooded terrorists who wished to send a message to the world: it is either their way or death. This innocent man did not die from natural causes – he was butchered because he represented Israel by being Jewish and the western world by being American. Now, this horrific story will be performed live in the heart of New York as a form of art.

The world is facing many threats from radical Islam. ISIS is spreading terrorism and barbarism in Iraq and Syria while recruiting en masse global followers. Iran is building a nuclear bomb in order to instill fear in their Arab neighbors and Israel while spreading their Revolutionary Guards across the world to perform terrorist acts. Hamas recently used terror tunnels and rockets to destroy innocent Israeli lives while simultaneously educating their own population how to hate and murder Israelis. Hezbollah is helping the Syrian ruler butcher his own people simply because they demand freedom and change in leadership. Al-Qaida is still highly active in Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is still educating their people on their fundamentalist form of Islam Wahhabism,which greatly influenced the dangerous ideology behind all of these militant Islamic groups.

Radical Islam does not wish to compromise or bargain with the western world; They wish to kill innocent people and rule over the western world. The performance titled “The Death of Klinghoffer” is intended to make the audience sympathize with the murderers by using Palestinian historical plight as their justification to commit brutal acts. There is no excuse for terrorism. There are many ways to peacefully protest for any cause without the need to take an innocent person’s life. The Met Opera has allowed their institution to cross a dangerous moral and ethical red line, which only spawns the question – what will be allowed next? The Death of Fowley perhaps? If the Met will allow this performance to ensue, it will set a dangerous precedent for future performances and will show the terrorists, that terrorism work.

The PLO are not freedom fighters fighting for the establishment of a Palestinian State, they are mass murderers who yearn for the destruction of Israel and the western world. It is time for all moral, decent people – who cherish life and western values – embody courage and say “Enough” with this disgusting and offensive performance. Stop the Klinghoffer performance Now; Do not provide Terrorism a voice.

About the Author
Jeremy has worked in the Knesset with the Likud minister Ayoob Kara. He has also promoted the Likud party during the recent elections. Jeremy has used social media tools in order to promote the Israeli agenda worldwide, particularly during various military operations in the past five years. Jeremy graduated from Tel Aviv University with a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution. He also assists various pro-Israel groups as a guest speaker discussing various issues relating to the peace process, the refugees, and how to be more active within Israeli political circles.