Rally to Restrict the Restrictions

Benny Gantz is more correct than we can imagine. He predicts that murders will occur if restrictions against protesters are not restricted.

We, the citizens and voters of Israel are sick and tired of the daily media reports with the numbers marching throughout our country in protest against a criminal ego-maniac who calls himself a prime minister. There is absolutely nothing prime about him anymore. The years of his prime have disappeared and have been replaced with lies, bribes, corruption and betrayal of our people.

No one wants murders. But in protest country-wide anti-Netanyahu marches, today 200,000 of them, a tragedy is bound to occur. It may be the murder of a citizen or it may be the murder of a policeman. God forbid.

Blood is bound to flow, regardless of whose blood it is. Gantz’s prediction are far from being wrong.

Netanyahu does not get the public’s message. Sara and Yair remind him daily to ignore it.

“They will get tired eventually and will go home. Be patient. We will win as we always do. We were meant to be the victors”….. are the whispered words coming from the Balfour Street residence.

We now need a different type of a rally. One to restrict the protest restrictions. One to prevent police from interfering with our national democratic rights.

My frequent references to the French Revolution remain constant and strong. Without a national outcry followed by a national revolution with its march on the Jerusalem residence, very little if anything can be achieved.

Signs carried from city to city and village to village bear the words “Lech” Go! The people of Israel are tired of the Netanyahu regime which rapes the public from their democratic civil rights.

If the members of his Likud party are unable to read the signs and hear the cries of protests it is a sure guarantee that the people of Israel will take revenge in a future election in which the Likud party will be wiped off the election ballots to be replaced with a party that places the citizens of our country first.

In any nation where people suffer from hunger, from lack of employment, from despair and loss of hope and trust , murders and bloodshed will be rampant and the citizens will not be found guilty.

The guilty parties to our national travesty and tragedy are the supporters of our indicted criminal Bibi.

It is they who should be on trial and locked up with him in chains in cell-blocks.

We need to clap hands for a change. We need to shout with joy for a change. Enough of our suffering. Enough of thousands of protesters blocking our streets and highways.

The festival of Simchat Torah (the joy of the Torah) has to become Simchat Ha-Am (the joy of people).

God may have given us His Torah but only we can give us joy. And that joy will be when Netanyahu is forced out of office, convicted of his crimes by our High Court of Justice, and disappears with his tears falling on the pages of his uncompleted legacy.

I believe that Bibi’s end will be a day of national celebration. Perhaps President Rivlin will declare it a minor holiday as he also must be fed up with the anti-democratic dictator.

Vive la Revolucion! Long live our national revolution. Long live the spirits of decent and honest protesters who seek only a better life, improved health, and best wishes for the nation which they glorify.

One day, the bitter clouds hanging over us will disappear. In their place will be a bright sun. But not a sun which causes fires and destruction of homes, property and lives as we are sadly witnessing today in blazes wreaking havoc upon our country.

We will see a sun that shines upon each one of us with lots of radiance and blessings of a better life.

That sun can only appear in our heavens when the revolution of protesters continues unharmed and unrestricted. Let us pray for it on Simchat Torah… Simchat Ha-Am: the joy of our people. Ken yehi ratzon. Insh’Allah. So may it be. And very soon.

For the protesters in Israel, I encourage the rally to restrict the undemocratic restrictions. And I pray that Benny Gantz’s prediction of murders will never happen. Jewish blood must no longer be shed!

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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