Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon – מכתש רמון)…

Jeep Tour 2
Jeep tour guide explaining the rock formations in the Negev…

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Two weeks ago, we took a jeep tour of the Ramon Crater – Makhtesh Ramon מכתש רמו, which is located in the northern Negev Desert. The crater is 23.5 miles in length, 4 miles wide and 1,500 feet deep. It is quite spectacular and for photographers the colors, rolling hills, desert fauna, and sunrise/sunsets can be quite interesting. More to come in future blog posts (lucky you…).

Anyways, while our tour guide was explaining the geology of Ramon Crater, I was attracted to a nearby colorful rock formation.

Jeep Tour 4Jeep Tour 4a

Then, while processing the third image below, I thought I saw something interesting, to say the least, and I began to question my sanity. No comment, Jonah!

Jeep Tour 4c

Looking closely, I swear I thought  I saw three images in the formation. Am I crazy or what?

Jeep Tour 4b

I see three people in the greenish white area.  Just above the ‘amuel’  I see a woman’s face, a not very happy one.  Above the ‘raphy20′  I see a man with a moustache. To the man’s right,  I see a man with a bushy white beard. Santa Claus?  So, what sayeth you?

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