Reunite Auschwitz twins A7733 and A7734

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Menachem is looking for his long lost twin brother

People all over the world are being captivated by Auschwitz survivor Menachem Bodner’s quest to find his long lost twin brother. An article first appearing in The Daily Beast highlights how the 72-year-old Bodner has been using social media and the consecutive numbers tattooed to their arms to find the brother he always ‘felt’ was still alive.

The two were split up in the wake of the liberation of the camp and haven’t seen each other since. Bodner was only 4 years old when Auschwitz was liberated but, armed with new information that his brother also survived the camp, he has captured the imagination of the world in his quest to use social media to re-establish his connection with the twin brother he hasn’t seen since they were toddlers 68 years ago.

The two were victims of the notorious Dr Mengele who experimented on twins in Auschwitz. Bodner says he has no memory of the camp save an overwhelming instinct of fear in conjunction with the place. After learning via the Holocaust research group Candles that his brother was listed in Nazi documentation as alive at the time of the camp’s liberation Bodner has set out to do everything in his power to locate the twin brother he hasn’t seen for so long.

Using “A-7734” the number the Nazis tattooed on his brother’s arm Bodner feels that he now has a medium through which he can reach out to find the man he hasn’t seen since he wandered out of Auschwitz and into the arms of the Jewish soldier who adopted him and brought him to Israel.

Bodner was unaware that his original name had been Elias Gottesmann and his brother’s was/is Jeno Gottesman, the two were born in a village in the Ukraine, their mother also survived the Holocaust only to be murdered in 1946 while searching for her sons.

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Help Menachem find his brother by sharing the Facebook page A7734, named with the number that the long lost Jeno must still have tattooed on his arm. Perhaps in this way we can all help right just one of the wrongs from this tragic time and bring some happiness into the lives of two survivors.

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