Rebuild, replant, restore Israel

This past week Israel experienced the worst fires in our Jewish nation’s history. While the flames have been contained, the work is only beginning. Hundreds lost their homes, thousands of acres of hand-planted forests have been destroyed, and the resources of Israel’s fire and rescue services have been depleted.

Let us make a commitment to replenish the land. Help us turn black to green again. As we have done throughout the ages, let us come together.

For a week our beloved homeland—the land of the Jewish people everywhere—was engulfed in devastating fires, forcing hundreds of families to abandon their homes. We were there before the fires, we were there during the fires, and we are there now! We are on the ground in Israel every day improving lives. That’s who we are. That’s what we do. We are Jewish National Fund—your voice in Israel.

To answer the pressing needs the fires created, we have launched a special campaign for the reforestation of areas destroyed by the blazes, as well as buying new and critically needed firefighting trucks and equipment.

We are working closely with our partners on the ground to assess needs and determine priorities.

A KKL-JNF firetruck responding to blaze.
A KKL-JNF firetruck responding to blaze.

I was told by Yoram Levy of the Israel Firefighters and Rescue Services that this series of fires were the worst the country has ever experienced. “What made this incredibly difficult to fight was the number of fires that took place simultaneously all across Israel,” he said. “We had every firefighter across the country—more than 2,500—fighting them and witnessing extensive damage to infrastructure, housing, and land from the north to the south and east to west. Thankfully, we have returned to normal conditions but now we have to look to the future and order many tons of new equipment to replace what we lost and prepare for the future.”

Generations long ago planted for us. Today, we must replant our roots in the soil of the land of Israel. The needs are vast.

  • $10 million to purchase firefighting apparatus, equipment, and gear
  • 550 new firetrucks at $125,000 each
  • 10 new fire stations at $1 million each
  • Placement of fire suppression systems in inclusive parks
  • Fireproof gear, binoculars, high powered leaf blowers, night vision goggles, water tanks, and hoses
  • New fire watchtowers
  • Emergency assistance for housing, repairs to homes and businesses

Jewish National Fund is on the ground today and every day building a stronger, healthier, more secure Israel. In cooperation with KKL-JNF, partner organizations, first-responders, and firefighting battalions, JNF is working to address both the immediate needs and those that will arise tomorrow for the land and people of Israel.

We are asking you to partner with us, to help us make an impact so that Israel is better prepared.

About the Author
Russell F. Robinson is JNF’s chief executive officer. Under his leadership, JNF has developed successful far-reaching programs that play a significant role in the quality of life for all Israelis, such as community development, environmental work, sustainable development of the Negev, and solutions for Israel’s water crisis.
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