‘Recognition and Security’

Palestinian official says Kerry bowed to Israel’s agenda | The Times of Israel 

Recognition and security:

These are the two fundamental sticking points that have been, for past and present Israeli administrations, non-negotiable, never to be diluted, diminished or otherwise dismissed. Yet they are the very same preconditions Palestinian authorities have always found so anathema to their own oft-stated agenda. Thus do we sense those old familiar feelings of frustration and deja-vu returning once again to haunt and possibly wreck the current round of peace negotiations.

But can there ever be a formula wherein Palestinians can support a ‘de facto’ recognition of Israel while Israelis are able to respond in like manner from their perspective?

And, with such mutual accommodation in place, could security on both sides then be guaranteed to achieve a level of attainment so high that any further conflict will quickly make a laughing stock out of whosoever continues to indulge in its pursuit?

It can be done – but only if ‘recognition and security’ are both viewed as being two sides of the very same coin. And, no matter which face is uppermost after that coin is tossed, the result is always going to be of considerable benefit to the vast majority of Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs and Jews everywhere.


With nothing but 66 years of continual failure in peace efforts to contemplate, wouldn’t it be nice to finally have a success story just for once. And, quite conceivably, much more than once thereafter.

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