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Reconstructing the Second Temple floor and the erasure of a woman’s work (again)

The Muslim occupiers of the Temple Mount have tried to destroy anything that gives away it’s Judaism’s traditionally holiest place. One approach was for years, to dig out the underground space and throw away the ruble.

Jewish volunteers (and friends) have been shifting these mountains of removed dirt to find real pearls of beauty and witnesses of the Jewish past, though deprived of the physical context that they have had underground.

One of the findings was a collection of sharply cut pieces of colored stones.

As I wrote, almost four years ago, one of the volunteers,  Frankie Snyder, was besides a volunteer and an expert in the study of ancient Herodian-style flooring, also someone with a background in math.

Close to retiring, she assumed, she moved to Israel to help with the Shifting Project. Her training made her wonder if she could (re)create the marble pieces into floor tiles. She (she says ‘the team,’ but she was the mathematician so guess who figured it out) reconstructed nine mosaics in which the marble snippets fitted so perfectly the Roman measure of a foot that one could not even insert a sharp blade between them. The result seemed ingredients for “majestic flooring,” as Snyder called it.

Now it is reported that artisans replicated these stones to construct new copies of the likely original Second-Temple floor tiles (see above clip).

Although the report talks more about the reconstruction than actually showing it, sadly, the name of Frankie Snyder was nowhere to be found.

Sexism, erasing women, and then claiming that all great inventions came from men, is very alive. And we need to protest it, every time we see it.


In an educated prediction, over four days ago, I explained why Netanyahu would endeavor to prevent early elections. Since then, we saw dozens of analyses and opinion pieces in renowned news outlets saying that we are certainly heading for early elections again. But for the record, I got it right.


Around the clock in the ‘news’: Our solar system’s two biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, go cheek-to-cheek evoking the ‘Star of Bethlehem.’

Though more than 730 million kilometers apart, tonight on the Northern Hemisphere, they appear closer than at any time in the last 397 years.

Then the report says that “[t]he timing of the event — on the winter solstice, just before the Christmas holiday — has led some to speculate about whether this could be the same astronomical event that the [Christian – serious omission] Bible reports led the wise men to Joseph, Mary and the newly born Jesus — the Star of Bethlehem.”

This is dishonest reporting. Many people are not good at math. They can’t calculate back. Every 397 years does not even come close to the year 0: 2020 – 1623 – 1226 – 829 – 432 – 35. This silence is deceit by omission.

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