Red, White and Red

We have a big, big impending problem in America. A dark stain, if you will. 

The Republican convention is about to commence. Okay, there are many problems, granted, unanswered questions and concerns. There’s been speculation for months that the delegates may not support Trump, so the convention could get bloodthirsty.

Will Trump and the RNC actually pay for their music? Exacerbating a cultural bloodbath, Trump prefers to steal songs. (Steven Tyler, Adele, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, etc.) After all, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland. So far, silence on their end.

Will Rabbi Lookstein stand up in front of America and denounce Anti-Semitism, misogyny and racism? In a subtle dig at both Fred and Donald, will he reference his famous sermon where he explained that no man is free if he does not have the right to choose where he lives? In an act of love for fellow Jew will he tell Pastor Burns exactly why saying that Bernie Sanders needed to “come to Jesus” is resoundingly Anti-Semitic and has every, single thing to do with Judaism?

Nah, I suspect that won’t be the problem.

Will the flag be lowered to remember all the traumatized Republican leaders who refuse to attend the convention? Will any solace be offered up, given that they believe Trump is a disaster for America of epic proportions?

No, the show will go on, featuring important Republican dignitaries who have sacrificed unstintingly for our great nation such as…Trump’s kids. All of them. (Well, to clarify, Barron has not yet been announced as a speaker, but don’t rule out the element of surprise. He could turn out to be a better speaker than his father.)

In an ephiphany of self-like will Peter Thiel stage a coup and streak the stage? Will he stun the crowd in a stealth protest of Republican virulent anti-LGBTQ legislation? Unfortunately, he’ll probably keep the lights down low.

Will anyone stand up for blacks, muslims, latinos, women? Or will everyone but white, (and orange) old men remain outside, circumspect, need their credentials triple checked?

No, the exsanguination will most likely lie at the feet of the heads of the ticket. There could be a huge, huge fall-out between Trump and Pence.

Trump, as we know, is averse to all things period related – both grammatical and menstrual. But Pence has attracted an enormous following called #PeriodsforPence. And we all know just how much Trump loves his hashtags.

Pence’s fetish for demanding to know every gory detail about women’s periods could give Trump a nosebleed. As I write this, women in Indiana and all over the world are calling Trump headquarters to unsparingly confess everything about their menses, endometriosis, ovulation cycle, amenorrhea, labia minora and vulvovaginal pain, cramps, pms, tampon vs pad dilemma, dysmenorrhea, menstruation memories, vaginal tissue expulsion, laundry issues, and a whole host of hoo ha.

And if that isn’t enough, anti-women activists have already started flying 100-foot photos of placenta covered aborted fetuses over Cleveland. They’ll continue doing so until the RNC leaves town.

And all this for a man whose wife insists the secret to their marriage is separate bathrooms. The Presidential nominee’s head could implode. Trump’s problem in this election is not Hillary using her #womancard. The Trump/Pence problem is women playing theirs.

This year promises to give a whole new meaning to Red State.The Republican cannibalism of American dignity will not be remembered fondly. But this too shall pass.

To learn more, see Periods for Pence on Facebook.

About the Author
Dana is a Jewish feminist, writer and poet. She is passionate about her daughter, love, kindness, spirituality, the artist's voice, and speaking out for the vulnerable. She lives in Music City, Nashville, TN.
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