Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


What’s it like, to be redeemed?

When things are tough, when challenges seems insurmountable, when the whole world is against you, what’s it like to be redeemed?

Like a breath of fresh air. Like paradise on earth. Like life seems again liveable, doable, wonderful.

What’s it like to be redeemed? Ask the Jewish people.

G-d redeemed us from Egypt, split the sea, drowned our enemies, gave us the Torah, provided food and water in the desert, protected us with His cloud, lit the way for us with a pillar of fire, and brought us to the promised holy land.

What was it Iike then? Ask the Jewish people now. The world is against them, but the Jewish nation perseveres. We were a divided people, now we are united. We used to think that we could placate enemies by giving away land, now we know better.

Ask the Jewish people what it feels like to be redeemed. Because the Jewish people are about to be redeemed like never before. G-d will defeat our enemies, in spite of what the entire world says. And the world will see and recognize, that G-d rules.

What’s it like to be redeemed? Ask the Jewish people. Because very soon, G-d will gather His people from every direction, bring them to Jerusalem, and show the entire world, that He is our Redeemer, and we are His people.

Stay tuned. The whole world will soon see, what it’s like to be redeemed. And the nations will appreciate the peaceful world that Redemption will bring.

May we see it very soon.

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