Fred Saberi

Reflections on Racism

What is the fundamental weakness of racists? They are absolutely vulnerable with regard to “competition.” What they do does not just target the so-called “others” and “outsiders.” As soon as they get rid of them, they will turn to undesirable “insiders” with the same rhetoric to obliterate opposition.

Let’s have a short survey of the old story of how Nazism rose in Europe. Lack of sufficient attention to the educational system in European countries after WWII led to the continuation of Nazism. By making some limited punitive measures against Nazism under the influence of false liberalism, Europe turned a blind eye the root of the problem.

With globalization of the Internet, this festering wound found a more appropriate place to thrive, and that was inevitable. The creators of the Internet and its developers never thought that, apart from the people in the USA, there are other people in less fortunate parts of the world who are not mature enough for handling this important instrument.

For Europe, refusing to reopen the case for Fascism and Nazism for more investigation, and instead appeasing the Nazis with educational courses, establishing music clubs, granting financial amenities and… was like feeding a crocodile in the hope that it would eat you last. After the establishing of the greedy European Union, the crocodile has not been satisfied with the beef any longer. It wants to eat the whole cattle as well as the cattle herds!

What is the situation in Iran? During the late Shah’s reign, we would report to him that, for instance, some are purchasing arms. He, who was well aware of the situation, would command, “investigate what the neighbors are doing.” This was how the Shah would treat the situation.

Instead, the Fedayee, the Communist, the egalitarian, the mullah and source of emulation would openly advertise for the elimination of their political opponents with much hatred. They would advertise anti-Semitism, anti-Baha’ism, and even anti-dervishism. And Khomeini was much aware of that.

Of course, anti-Semitism and anti-Baha’ism were the conditions for his receiving of the cowl and the turban. Nevertheless, would it have been possible without the fertile ground? For Khomeini, dissimulation was one of the fundamentals of his faith. His followers still believe that they will not have fulfilled their global mission until they have deceived Palestinians and Israelis and all the people around the world.

This mission is exactly the same as that of the Nazis in Europe: first to eliminate all the outsiders, and then to do the same to undesirable insiders. As such, the Saudi family can become Jewish overnight. For the Montazeri family, a couple of nights won’t be enough. An Iranian Baha’i student can become marked for expulsion from university in an hour. For the dervish community it won’t be that easy. The political dissidents will easily be branded as Zionist and eliminated on that account.

But this is the end of the line for the Nazis and Islamists. Because Zionists and Zionism won’t be eliminated. This vicious circle must finally come to an end.

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.