J.J Gross

Rejecting the Security Council Resolution – Bibi’s biggest blunder since Oct. 7

Whether intentionally or, more likely, inadvertently, the UN Security Council handed Israel a huge gift on a silver platter with its resolution 2728 regarding Gaza. And Bibi made an enormous blunder by not accepting and endorsing it enthusiastically.

In plain English, the resolution called for an immediate ceasefire for the duration of Ramadan, and the immediate release of all the Israeli hostages. There is nothing in this resolution that should have given the US reason to abstain, let alone veto it. And there was nothing in this resolution that should not have been immediately embraced by Israel.

Indeed, we should have announced our total support for Resolution 2728, and demonstrated both magnanimity and flexibility by immediately suspending military activity in Gaza while giving Hamas a 48 hour grace period in which to meet the resolution’s other demand – namely the release of our hostages, ALL of our hostages.

No bookmaker would have given even million to one odds of Hamas complying with the resolution. And after 48 hours Israel could announce that Resolution 2728 – which it had wholeheartedly endorsed – was now a dead letter owing to Hamas’s recalcitrance. We could have then resumed our war to defeat Hamas and release the hostages. Clearly, we would be left with no other option.

Had we done this, the UN would have been silenced. Hamas’s funders in Doha would have been silenced. Kamala Harris and the other dull pencils in Joe Biden’s box would have been silenced. And, yes, even the suffering families of our hostages would have been silenced. Once and for all, it would be manifest – based on its refusal to abide by Resolution 2728 – that Hamas has no intention of releasing a single hostage under any circumstances.

But, no, Bibi had to grandstand about America refusing to veto this resolution; the virtual goose-that-lays-the-golden-eggs of a resolution. Coming up in a distant second place for myopia was a less than brilliant White House, which abstained from voting for it.

Bibi has lost any semblance of coherence and leadership. Until recently he may have been able to fake it. Now it appears he is being stage-managed by his wife. Obsessed with his political future, he is trying to ram another free-pass for Haredim down the throats of his cabinet, while attempting to manifest leadership by the blunderous way in which he is stewarding the management of Israel’s image in the world. In so doing, he is scripting our defeat in both the international and domestic arenas – a rudderless ship fueled by personal paranoia and loaded with unsustainable haredi ballast.

We are in deep trouble. But it’s not too late to avoid the fate of the Titanic. All that’s needed is a manifestation of some residual integrity on the part of a few ministers. The current Government must end. We can no longer afford to wait until the war is over. We all know who the culprits are. We know who is responsible for the mess of October 7th. We know who is, yet again, making a devil’s pact with a non-Zionist, and unproductive drain on our resources for no purpose other than to maintain his grip on a helm that’s disconnected from any rudder.

The way in which Bibi handled the Security Council Resolution should be the final straw. Let’s hope that it is.

About the Author
J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.