Reliving Munich in America

Reading opinion pieces and excerpts from the American press online and watching the CNN news is very depressing these days. The Americans are undergoing great introspection about their future as a united country.

Presently the GOP (Grand Old Party), the party of the greatest American president, Abraham Lincoln, is in a civil war of words and hateful insults. Women voters, black and Hispanic voters are very much divided and the root cause of the problem appears to be the outsider American billionaire, Donald Trump.

He is loved by the masses because he dares to speak what they think but have not said. He is the voice of those who are in opposition to the Obama administration, a failed one, led by an imperial president who challenges the Constitution and makes his own executive decisions in defiance of the two houses of Congress.

But Trump is considered dangerous. Republican Jews doubt whether they will support his candidacy. He is not renowned for honesty or courtesy, has zero experience in foreign relations, cannot relate to the poor and impoverished in America, and is an egoist who places himself first and above the interests of others. In short, he is definitely not qualified to be an American president.

He has rallied around him the disenfranchised, the disappointed and those who have never voted. He demands their 100% loyalty only to him and to signify it by raising their outstretched right arm… the sight we have seen from 1933 to 1945 in another country whose brilliant orator captured the hearts and minds of a nation which he ultimately led to defeat and destruction. America is becoming a new Munich.

According to the political rules for the nomination, a candidate must have the support of 1,237 out of 2,472 delegates at the Convention. Less than that number disqualifies the candidate and leads to an open or brokered Convention when another candidate may be considered.

If Trump receives 1100 votes and Senator Ted Cruz receives only 600, it is possible that the Republican Party could withhold the candidacy from Trump and give it to Cruz.

Trump has recently addressed this possibility. “If they take away my numbers and give it to someone else there will be riots in Cleveland” (the Ohio city where the 2016 Convention will be held.)

Columnists in the Washington Post and in the New York Times have condemned his threat of incitement. America could be on the verge of another civil war. Never before in its history has there been such vile hatred and division in an American political party.

People have been comparing the Trump campaign to Hitler’s hysterical antics, although there are major differences. While he says he is neutral on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, he proudly informs his audiences that he is “Israel’s best friend and I have donated to Israel and to many major Jewish causes”.

He points with some pride that his daughter converted to Judaism, married a Jew and that he delights in his Jewish grandchildren. Worlds apart from anything Hitler could have said.

While I don’t accept the comparison of Donald to Adolf, I am very concerned about his positions.. walling up the frontier to keep Mexican “rapists” out of America, deporting 11 million undocumented aliens , not seemingly concerned with America’s Iran policy, and his boastful claim to know everything better than any of his fellow Republican candidates.

I don’t believe he would be a good president. He is outspoken and his “dugri” is too often offensive, rude and down-right hateful. He has no understanding of protocol and has no idea of how to deal with foreign leaders.

Can you picture the following scenario? Vladimir Putin is sitting in the White House, sipping a vodka with “President” Trump. The American president expresses his views about Russia’s invasion of Crimea and the Ukraine and his friendship with the Syrians and Isis. President Putin is angry and lectures President Trump about America’s failings and advises him to keep his nose out of Russia’s sphere of influence.

To which, “President” Trump replies quite “diplomatically” as is not his style, “Listen Vladimir, you are in my White House and I’ll tell you any damn thing I want and if you don’t like hearing it, you can get your Russian ass out of my House and go back to your Mother Russia”.

American-Russian diplomatic relations come to an end at this point. And Trump will blame it all on Putin because he is not able to see his own faults. “It’s always the other guy who makes the mistakes. I don’t make mistakes”.

Fortunately America is not like Munich. But there are similarities in the speech of Trump and Hitler and both mesmerized an entire nation leading them into a war which cost 21 million lives.

America is going through hell. The elections in November are still nine months away. Nine months is a good term for pregnancy. Hopefully in nine more months the American people will welcome a fresh new “baby” to lead the American nation and people with the dignity and democracy for which America is renowned.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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