Zahava Bauer



Remember when we used to
Turn on our phone
To check the weather?
Not whether
Our brothers
Are alive

Remember when we used to
Take walks
In the park?
Now we march
To the words
Bring Them Home

Remember when we used to
Scroll through
Pictures of
Happy families?
Now we picture
The families
Of the fallen

Remember when we used to
Think we were
And at home
In homes outside of
Our homeland?

Remember when we used to
And wake
Without the weight
Of waiting
For this war
We’re waging
To be won…

And when it finally is…
Will there be
Too many to
Our memory
Put on overdrive?
The numbers
Driving up in size…
Will we be able to
Will we ever
Be able to

About the Author
Zahava Bauer grew up in Teaneck, NJ and now lives in Bala Cynwyd, PA with her husband and three children. She is a middle school Language Arts teacher in Caskey Torah Academy who loves to write poetry in her spare time. She also enjoys snow days, hiking, and a day at the beach. Her Bachelor’s degrees are from Stern in Jewish Education and English Literature, and her Master’s degrees are from Azrieli and GPATS. She hopes for nothing more than peace in the Middle East and achdut among Am Yisrael!
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