Remove “Jewish Ritual Murder” from Facebook

There’s a Facebook Page called “Jewish Ritual Murder”. You can find it here it’s worth you reading the full URL:

This is a page that isn’t merely devoted to Jewish ritual murder, there’s a whole range of hateful posts on there about just how horrible the Jews are.

I and several others have reported the page only to be told by Facebook that they’re not going to do anything about it:


Take a look at the page, you’ll see it hasn’t been active since 2012. I spent some time wondering whether it was worth the risk of making what is essentially a dead page active. I think it is. I think it’s worth forcing Facebook to ask themselves what the hell they’re doing when they turn around and argue that a page entitled “Jewish Ritual Murder” should remain on Facebook.

I mean just how offensive does a page have to be in order to be removed?

As well as reporting the page I scoured Facebook for a way to send them a personal message on this issue. I found the place that offers general feedback on Facebook pages. It’s not perfect but it’s all I could find, I invite anyone reading this to come up with a better place and add it to the comments so I can update this post with it.

In the meantime this is the message I wrote:

“I am sending you this because you have made it impossible to send you a message any other way. The page “Jewish Ritual Murder” is deemed by you NOT to be in contravention of your community standards. If this is the case clearly your community standards need to be modified.

I would appreciate some feedback from you on this issue.”

I am asking people to do 2 things regarding this page:

1. Please report the page. You can do this by clicking on the small down arrow next to the “Message” button on the page. On the menu you will find an option entitled “Report Page”. Then simply comply with the options Facebook presents you with after.

2. Please go to this link, copy and paste the message I sent (or write your own) and hit “send”. Facebook make it incredibly clear that they don’t want anyone contacting them and the page actually crashed after I hit “send” but I don’t see any harm in trying.

Let’s get this page removed from Facebook.

H/T to Eric Lee

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Marc Goldberg is a copywriter and avid blogger, author of Beyond the Green Line the story of fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada in the IDF Paratroopers
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