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Repentance for an Anti-Semitic Football Player

DeSean Jackson is a black NFL football player who grew up in L.A.

DeSean is a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles.

DeSean earns millions of dollars playing football but in his spare time, he

posts anti-Semitic messages on Instagram.

Some crap about, “Hitler being right” and “Their (The Jews) plan for world domination won’t work.”

He confesses, “Well, growing up, I never really spent any time with Jews.”

As if that excuse carries any weight.

But DeSean has time to type his hate of and about Jews on Instagram for all his followers to read.

When caught Jackson:

Deletes his Instagram posts;

Apologizes for his anti-Semitism;

Pays a fine to the NFL for his unholy behavior;

And agrees to visit Auschwitz with a survivor to rid himself of the stench of anti-Semitism.

But Mr. Jackson you are not getting off that easily.

As a Jew, who risked his freedom so that Blacks could attend white universities,

I want more!

I want you to spend time with the souls of Jews who helped you gain your freedom.

I want you to understand, that others paid with their lives for your freedom.

And by others I mean Jews.

Here is a list of what else you are going to do:

Visit the gravesites of civil rights workers, Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman.

And at their funeral plots pray the Mourner’s Kaddish  in Hebrew for the men who were murdered by the Klan fighting for your right to vote.

Next to their graves, you shall loudly proclaim:

“I have learned that Judaism teaches respect for the fundamental rights of others as each person’s duty to G-d.”

Visit the sites of synagogue bombing at  Atlanta’s Hebrew Benevolent Temple,  at Birmingham’s Temple Beth-El and  temples in Miami, Nashville and Jacksonville.

And at each  bombing site lay a red, white and blue flowered wreath in the shape of a Magen David (Jewish Star) in honor to those who suffered because they believed in your equality.

Get on a Greyhound bus and travel the South as if you were a Jewish college kid during the Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964. (Half of the students on those buses were Jewish). And as the bus rolls past some Mississippi cotton fields watch videos on your iPhone of those Jewish kids being beaten with nightsticks, bitten by German shepherd’s, spat upon by bigots and physically abused by prison guards.

Taste their fear.

See their tears.

Feel their pain.

Smell their blood.

Hear their words—spoken from behind the metal bars of their jail cells—when reporters ask them.

“Why are you Northern students down here in the segregated South helping these Negroes?”

And Jewish kids reply, “Because Black lives and Black freedoms matter.”

Now back on the bus, I want you to ask yourself, “Where can I find the monument or statue for those brave Jewish kids?”

You know you cannot find one.

Why? Because they don’t exist.

And you know that if a memorial doesn’t exist—-people quickly forget the heroes of good and brave deeds.

But you say, “A monument should exist. to all those brave Jewish kids who bled on the cold, cement streets of the South seeking freedom for Blacks.”

But it doesn’t.

You shall visit the jail were Jewish leaders were imprisoned after their arrest in St. Augustine, Florida in 1964. When they along with Dr. King challenged racial segregation in public accommodations.

You shall parade down the same Alabama streets where Rabbi Abraham Joshua Hershel marched arm-in-arm with Dr. King in his 1965 March on Selma.

And in Selma, you shall hold a picket sign reading: “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor.” (Babylonian Talmud).

DeSean Jackson your words of apology are cheap.

Actions are necessary to repay me and all those other Jews who lifted you up on their shoulders.

DeSean Jackson, the time to pay for your anti-Semitic Instagram sins is now!

And payback ain’t cheap.

Repentance is costly.

Time to get started.

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